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I’ve never seen a video of Carl Lewis’ 19.75 run in Indianapolis back in '83. He started celebrating waaaaaaaaaay early. Most likely would have broken the WR of 19.72 at the time. Anybody?




I love this song.




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This is the greatest kick of all time. It is a textbook example of making everyone your ■■■■■.

Also one of the greatest calls in T+F history “And there’s one man’s blazing speed that has torn this field asunder!” Right up there with “Look at Mills! Look at Mills!”




Walker is so taken aback he simply stops running. His quote about the race, after a long season in which he led the world with best times of 3:32.72 and 3:52.0 . . . “I’m completely exhausted. No excuses. I got boxed, I was beaten and I quit. I have never done it before and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.”

Ovett beat Wessinghage and Straub and remained undefeated until August 1980. 45 1500/ mile victories in a row. Who finally beat him? :slight_smile:


I’ll guess it was Coe at the Olympics.


Was it my screen name that gave it away?? You, sir, are correct.


If you had just left it at 45 victories in a row, it would have been much more difficult. I probably would have guessed Coe anyway, because, let’s be honest, there weren’t a whole lot of guys who could beat Ovett. The whole “August 1980” thing pretty much gave it away though.




A great race for Ovett. Walker did everything wrong, too, probably burned out from the season.