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but srsly.

so tonight im chillin with this girl and were bored and im like, well im going to the liquor store you wanna come with? shes like sure okay (shes under 21) so we get there and as i get out and im like, wait you wanna try something? she looks at me hesitantly and just sort of mumbles “i guess” i give her my I.D. and shes like “wtf how am i going to buy anything this isnt even me!” so i say “go in there and tell them that you’re a transgender and this was you before the operation”. She starts laughing uncontrollably and i tell her that if we could pull this off it would be epic. so she walks in. 10 minutes go by and im freaking out thinking maybe she got caught, but soon enough she comes walking out of the front door with a 6 pack and a bottle of her choice in her hands, all with a sh*t eating grin on her face. im proud that this has happened tonight because i can only imagine what the clerk thought when she said that. supposedly the clerk looked at her weird and before she could ask my friend said “im still trying to get a new license but that was me before the operation” and then the clerk got red and packed everything quickly according to her

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be a transgender you can get alcohol!


pics or shens

Edit: chick must be one ugly ■■■■■ to pass off as a post-op tranny so easily.




lol awesome. if this thread was made by someone like Blind Guy i would not believe it all


I’m assuming this is a joke. But if not, you didn’t see her pull this off? What if she just didn’t get carded? What if the cashier just legitimately didnt look at the picture?

Looking too much into it FTW :smiley:


Cashier got red because he thought she was hot.


didnt see her pull it off cause i didnt want to blow cover so i stayed in the car. basically my thinking on it was this situation has probably never been brought up before to very many people in public places let alone for alcohol reasons so i figured they wouldnt ask very many questions or deny it


Pretty good, hopefully you got laid after this.


I lol’d. Nice.

In kinda-related news, if you ever want to buy alcohol if you’re under 21 with no problem, move to Ann Arbor/the midwest. I’ve been carded like twice outta the past ten times. And even then they don’t even take your card from you to look at it they just ask for one and if you’re holding something plastic in your hand you’re good.


lulz. splendid


Skip Indiana. They just passed a law that requires the clerk to card anybody and everybody who buys alcohol.


Ya no.


My friend got a fake idea from some guy in Canada for 80 bucks.

****'s legit unlike Admin.


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Love it.


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I won’t say you guys are making stuff up but around here it’s impossible to buy stuff if you are underage at the store at least. Some bars will serve, but that’s even super risky. Everybody who looks even a little young gets ID’d and then scanned. I buy alcohol at least once a week and I can count on one hand the number of times I haven’t been carded.


do you look very young? since i’ve turned 21, not including the bars, i can honestly say i can count the times i’ve been id’d on one hand when buying alcohol, im a pretty frequent buyer too


I look younger than I am. But not like a kid. I just thought everywhere carded until they thought you were in your 30s just in case.


they card everyone in wisconsin unless you go somewhere absolutley really seedy, but even then…