Cool haircut


I’m kinda lookin for a new haircut that would cool. I’ve been going with just the plain old crew cut for kinda awhile now and I think it would help my game to give something new a try. So anyone know anything cool thats kinda in now. I’m not really sure what I want, but I don’t want a fohawk cuz thats just not my look i feel. Anyone know what nick symmonds reps, i feel like i might be able to pull something off like that(not that I want his haircut b/c he’s fast or anything.)
My aunt is a hairstylist so If I can’t think of anything i might just go to her and maybe she’ll give me a few tips.


This is where I go when I want to change my hairstyle. The last year I have gone with the German Fernandez but recently started growing my hair out like Kim Bum:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re not Asian so that may not work for you. Instead of going after a certain hairstyle though, research that blog and find out what kind of face shape you have and then go from there. Some hairstyles work for anyone but if you dont have a distinct jaw line, or you have a rounded face you may be limited with your options and certain things won’t look good at all.

Also be sure to take into account your plans for the summer, like are you still going to want longer hair if you’re going to be working most of the time? Maybe you want a shorter, easier to maintain style.

As guys we don’t have as many opportunities to express style, but girls notice these little things like how you dress or how you keep your hair. It is important to take advantage of everything you can to maximize your potential. A unique, attractive hairstyle speaks wonders with girls.