Continuing with Random Thoughts


Ended up cycling just under 25 hundred miles at 2498.25 miles for 2018. An average of 9.72 miles on my 257 times biking. My longest being 57.15 miles, and my shortest being 1.12 miles. Another step forward.


So, I’ve been lurking around here since Christmas and haven’t seen anything from our friend WiT….hope he is traveling and doing something enjoyable!


I’m around
time flies—three year check on the bacon heart valve next week.

about 139 million beats


Good luck with that!

My uncle had one installed in the 80s. Like Lewis Grizzard said, his eyes teared up a bit everytime he passed a BBQ joint!


Super Bowl Ads


Good tune @wineturtle, but I like this one better.


My comment was more toward the idea that a song from one of the Super Bowl Ads will get a rebirth than to pick a favorite from the small body of work the FYC have…


Teri and I were friends



Does Puff {The Magic Dragon) need another verse?

Something like these offerings perhaps :