Continuing with Random Thoughts



Quiet and peaceful at Casa WiT.


Hope everyone stays warm and that you Yankees thaw out soon!


Darn weather turning cold again…!


I miss having late summer Brandywine tomatoes, fresh from the garden, on my turkey club sandwich.


BIG DAY coming next month! 3/23/18 is my AMF Day!


Google Yields too many choices

Adios My Friends?


Very close - try Adios Mo Fos!


My phone died at my negligence ten days ago. Not getting a new one until tomorrow or the next day. The worst part has been never knowing the time. The only watch I own runs slow.


Is everyone ready for Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling?


I see that at my wife’s salon all the time…:wink:


Where are you going ?


RETIREMENT! Travel, more therapy dog volunteer visits, more animal assisted crisis response support…


Remember retirement is a full time gig. There are no days off when you are retired :wink:


Oh darn!..I guess I will just have deal with that…:wink:


I hope to retire at 30, here’s hoping.


Best of luck with that! My goal was 55…didn’t make that, but 61 is not too bad!


Spent a good chunk of today in what can only be described as amphigory…


I’ve biked/cycled just over 400 miles this winter. I’ll see where the melted roads take me.


Just watched a segment on NBC Nightly News where in Anchorage they are using mtn bikes with beach knobby tires to ride cross country ski trails. Looks like fun!


Just watched the NCAA meet— fast stuff.