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On Lake Superior they hold a ski event called “Book Across the Bay”. The bay being Chequamegon Bay.


Being rolled out in Canadian supermarkets first.


best food review I read this week

Don’t fcuk around, get the Katz Deli Pastrami on Rye — greasier than an estate agent rubbing lard on a chipshop workers wife.


Living with Mom at 97 looooong apronstrings



Kansas: There is an amusement tax for a ride in a tethered (attached to the ground) hot air balloon. Unattached balloon rides, however, qualify as transportation and are tax-exempt.

Connecticut : Adult diapers go untaxed. Children’s diapers, on the other hand, are taxed.


Used the word petrichor two days in a row.


Hoping my vegetables aren’t flooded out. Been getting a lot of rain the past week. Maybe my veggies which aren’t showing germination yet wont be harmed. Radishes were looking good. Will have to look in the morning.


Highest Earning BADMINTON Player 2016 : Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) US$267,350

Top 5 Players by prize-winnings:

  1. Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia/MS) US$267,350
  2. Wang Yihan (China/WS) US$265,575
  3. Zhao Yunlei (China/WD/XD) US$235,128
  4. Lin Dan (China/MS) US$219,500
  5. Yu Yang (China/WD/XD) US$194,381

Top 5 by gender

Top 5 Highest Earning Male Players

  1. Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia/MS) USD 267,350
  2. Lin Dan (China/MS) US$219,500
  3. Zhang Nan (China/MD/XD) US$154,369
  4. Chen Long (China/MS) US$143,300
  5. Lee Yong Dae (Korea/MD/XD) US$142,635

Highest Earning Female Players

  1. Wang Yihan (China/WS) US$265,575
  2. Zhao Yunlei (China/WD/XD) US$235,128
  3. Yu Yang (China/WD/XD) US$194,381
  4. Wang Shixian (China/WS) US$188,700
  5. Wang Xiaoli (China/WD) US$185,725

when I was a child I thought the game was called Bat-Mitten


Can confirm, saw them at the grocery store the other day up here in the great north.



Continuing with random stuff I found on the internet that adds clarity and precision to my lifeview

Differences Between Junior High and Middle School
Differences Between Junior High and Middle School
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By S.D. Powell — Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall
Updated on Jul 20, 2010
Junior High
Emphasis is on cognitive development
Organizes teachers in subject-based departments
Traditional instruction dominates
Six to eight class periods per day
Provides academic classes
Offers study hall and/or homeroom
Classrooms arranged randomly or by subject or grade level
Middle School
Emphasis is on both cognitive and affective development
Organizes teachers and students in interdisciplinary teams
Experiential approaches to instruction
Allows for block and flexible scheduling
Provides exploratory, academic, and nonacademic classes
Offers advisor/advisee, teacher/student opportunities
Team classrooms in close proximity
Excerpt from Introduction to Middle School, by S. D. Powell, 2005 edition, p.


There are two types of people in this world:

  1. Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data



54 years ago

Other articles?


NYC uses over a billion gallons of potable water per day…


Pastrami is the best form of beef imo.


8 inches of snow in Alabama with no real travel problems - although milk and bread is nowhere to be found…


Lunch today

in the icebox for lunch tomorrow

part of the How ToMeatSeries from Schaller and Weber


Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas holiday!