Confirmed: Webb to Charlottesvile


It doesn’t specify if he will be coached by Vig but it sure seems like a possibility. If this is the case, it could be a real benefit to Robby Andrews.


Hopefully they double-checked this with Webb’s wife cum PR representative.


Not sure Robby Andrews needss much that Webb can provide these days

These are careers going in two different directions


Maybe Webb needs Andrews.


“Listen kid, look at the last few years of my career… and do the exact opposite!”


Worked for George.





Not surprised he left Oregon; the only reason he went there (Nike and Salazar) doesn’t exist anymore. Makes sense he’d return home. As usual, I hope this works for him. He was too good to just fade away like he has the last few years. I really thought he was straightened out when ran 3:36 (after opening in 1:52 just a few weeks earlier), 3:53 5th Avenue and beat Rupp at 5K on the roads. I really thought he’d made it out of the wilderness and was once again going to be a force to be reckoned with this year.

I’d really like to see him get at least one more decent season (say, 3:32-3:33 or better, maybe make a national team, win a couple of domestic races), and I’d love it if he could make the Oly team next year. Not holding my breath; he’s announced he’s not running Nats so this will make the third consecutive national team he’s missed ('08 Olys, '09 Worlds and now '11 Worlds). I’ve never seen anyone come back from that long of a slump but I hope he can. He was too good and too exciting to let it end like this. Hope he gets one more bite at the apple just so he doesn’t go out on this low of a note.

Success really does breed success, and Webb has been without any four years now. Four. Years. That’s how long it’s been since that great '07 season. That’s a very, very long time to go without any meaningful success for any athlete. You start to go through the motions and not even realize you’re doing it.

On a lighter note, any word on whether he has a new contract with anyone? Seems like New Balance, Saucony or Brooks could use him for something. My guess is that Webb and/or his agent can’t come to grips with how far his market value has fallen with the last four years and three missed national teams.


well said and the market is way different now, lots of guys have found that out


Here’s to hoping that New Balance picks him up.



One of the things that’s changed that’s had to have had a huge impact is the influx of such great young talent. Guys like Wheating, Andrews (even though still a collegian, you know shoe companies are licking their chops to sign him), even LV are sucking the air out of it for the older guys. You could easily believe that Nike got all the market value there was to get out of Webb, but a guy like Wheating has his whole pro career ahead of him. Those great guys in the pipeline have to be really hurting Webb’s value, especially when coupled with his last four years.

I think Webb’s in a position that he’s going to have to drop a 3:32 or better before anyone’s willing to risk much at all on him.


Looks like Andrews is already taking after Webb.

Edit: Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiley: