Conference Weekend


Post anything you consider noteworthy about conference results.

Greer dropped a 1:46.73 at MPSF. Between him, Loxsom, Abda, Kidder, etc, it’s looking to be a hot 800m at Nationals.


Assuming this time is right, Deon Lendore (sophomore) of Texas A&M by way of Trinidad ran 45.15 in the SEC heats!

1 Deon Lendore SO Texas A&M 45.15q 1
2 Hugh Graham, Jr SO Florida 45.86q 2
3 Anton Kokorin SR Arkansas 46.31q 3
4 Ricky Babineaux SR Texas A&M 46.37q 2
5 Eric Janise FR Arkansas 46.67q 3
6 Caleb Williams SR LSU 46.73q 1
7 Travis Southard JR Arkansas 46.77q 3
8 Clayton Gravesande JR South Carolina 46.81q 1

That misses his outdoor best by only .02 (set last year).

The time makes him 9th fastest ever indoors all time and number 5 college indoor. He knocked Tony McQuay out of the top 10.

Gotta love that Fayetteville oval.

Bodes well for Trinidad’s claim that they want a 4 x 4 medal again this summer.

Amazing that such a tiny little country can have:

Lalonde Gordon 44.52 (bronze medalist last summer)
Deon Lendore 45.13 outdoors last year
Jarrin Solomon 45.31 (2012)
Renny Quow 45.48 last year (44.84 in 2011 and 44.53 in 2009 when he won bronze at Worlds)
Zwede Hewitt 45.51 (part of the Baylor folks as well)

On their 4x4 medal they ran Ade Alleyne-Forte who has a best of 46.13. If he can improve or Quow can refind his form or Hewitt can jump in they are no joke.

Their national record is 44.21 by Ian Morris back in 1992.

I know this more belongs in elite but what the heck.


Aaron Ernest also ran a world leader with his 20.59 in the 200m prelims at SEC’s.

Qualifiers for the final:


Ernest improves to 20.53 and Lendore shows his time in the heats was no fluke with a 45.23 in the finals.

Marquis Dendy sets a SEC meet record with a PR 27-1"


Duncan becomes #6 on the US Indoor list with a 22.54


44.5 carry for Lendore.


Does MPSF allow rabbiting? Seems out of place at a conference meet


i dont think any conferences specifically outlaw rabbiting, and i personally have seen it quite a bit.