Conference Realignment


I’m not sure how much of a discussion we’d want to have about it, since it probably won’t affect too many of the posters. I’m sure the true players involved care much more about football, basketball and baseball, but some schools have requested out of the Little 10. Wisconsin Lutheran has requested out (I’ve heard rumors of GMC or even another brand new conference with some “unnamed” teams, according to Travis Wilson of Wissports), and today West Bend East/West have requested out to move to the North Shore. Milwaukee Lutheran has requested out of the North Shore, and I believe Tosa East has requested to be in the Woodland with Tosa West? I may have mixed those up.

Ultimately, kind of sad that it seems that the Little 10 is breaking up (I know there’s a Watertown poster or two, and obviously CCMan from Wisco), but I’m curious to see how some of these new conferences shape up. I’m guessing it’ll take a couple years.

Anybody have any inside info they’d like to share or anybody else with any thoughts?


I have no inside scoop. I’m sure that the Woodland Conference would be a dumping ground for several of these schools. I know that St. Francis wants out and St. Thomas moved out a few years ago. I personally feel that 13 schools is too big for the conference or they should split the conference into a north/south or east/west Woodland conference. My biggest gripe is that I feel that conferences should be based on similar size schools.


if it was based on size, aquinas would not have been the team they were a few years back in my opinion. they were in a conference with the much larger la crosse area schools, which helped them flourish.
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