Computer help thread


Don’t think there is one yet

Anyways, I want to get one of those cords so I can display my computer screen on my TV.

I have a Dell laptop, I don’t know the exact model, some type of studio and it was purchased in August last year if that helps. Anyways, does anyone know the name of the cord?


Reg tv or hd?


Regular, but I may be upgrading soon, if possible, one that could work for both, even if it’s not in HD just works but still allows me to view in regular d on my hd TV. If that makes any sense.


Just a basic S-Video will do.


VGA cord


VGA wont fit in his tv.


Would this work?


Yeah that looks good.


I needs me some helps. Youtube won’t load videos at all for me. I have recently downloaded Adobe Flash 10.1 and videos just wont even load. I’m using Google Chrome; Even when I go to IE i go to youtube and the screen actually says Adobe isn’t even downloaded.


DVI cord


Ree, have you uninstalled the previous version you had installed? If not, do so. What OS are you using?


There is a separate version of flash for IE vs for Chrome/FF/Opera/Safari, etc. I’d try re-installing version 10.1 (the non-IE version, since you’re using chrome. You can do the IE version too, if you want that to also support flash.) Try youtube again after that.


Yes, I uninstalled it before I installed the new version. Also I believe I’ve done this a few times and everytime I have downloaded the non IE version, seeing as it doesn’t work on IE. I remember there being two different version. Youtube still just sits there with a black screen, or a loading screen.


Did you press the play button? I know this sounds extremely dumb, but you’ve never had to press it before, and I just went to youtube and now you have to.

Also, are you using an adblock? You might have to remove Youtube if so.


lol well it doesn’t tell me i have to press play, it tries to load the video, but yes I hit pause and play again, nothing.

Also I didn’t have an adblocker put on, but then I just downloaded it to see if it might help. ■■■■ still aint loadin.


srsly i can watch rachel starr beat it, but i can’t watch michael jackson beat it


my mom brought home a video someone made at work on a DVD and told me she needs 2 more copies of it. Is there a way to make copies of a DVD with my latop?


Buy blank DVD-R and burn to disc.


Got the VGA to s-video cord, tried to hook it up, it also has a yellow video port that I tried but neither work. They just show a black screen with white going down constantly, and I can somewhat tell that it’s the screen in the white coming down. Does anyone know how to make this ■■■■ work?


Your tv might suck. I’ll look into it though.