Columbia 3:42.03, Baker 53.99


deserves its own thread

a couple state records for Columbia and the relay #5 all-time US. looks like Baker’s 53.99 is somewhere just outside the top-10 all-time US

two Willingboro records go down … 3:45.37 anchored by Okechi Ogbuokiri and Okechi’s 54.24.

Columbia is so consistently great that it’s easy to take them for granted, but this is some incredible running

Kenya Gaston (55.0)
Cheyenne Trigg (56.6)
Shanika Dessein (55.5)
Baker (54.2)


and Lambo’s story:


I had Baker at 53.9 on the anchor leg. Impressive, that she went 53.99 and then came back and split a sub 54.0


That time would put them around #85 on the college D1 indoor 4x4 list this winter in the country.

Above Michigan State, Rutgers, Alabama and some other schools with pretty good times.



I was off on Gaston (Should be 55.5) and Dessein should be 55.7


The crazy part is they return Baker and Triggs! And with Lisa’s stable, I’m sure she will have replacements lined up for the other two! Job well done Lisa! The outdoor record (3:39 or 3:40 I believe) is certainly within reach!


Is it Montclair at Penn? 3:40-ish? with Aleah Williams, the Barbers and Lambo’s favorite, Chantelle Coppedge?

I think it goes down at Penn.


Loved Coppedge!!!

I agree that the record will fall.

Columbia’s time yesterday is exactly one second off the outdoor state record of 3:41.03 set by Montclair when they were third in 98 at Penn behind St. Jago and Vere Tech.


Columbia ran 3:40 at outdoor nationals in 2010 I believe. Wouldn’t that be the state record?


3:40.97 for 2nd behind Cardozo. Dunno if that is the state record.

What Lisa really wants is that sprint medley national championship.


Good catch, Jamal!! I was looking at an older book.

The 3:40.97 that Joe L mentioned is indeed the state record.


Good catc!!! I was looking at an older book.

The 3:40.97 that Joe L mentioned is indeed the state record.


need to clearly separate Indoor and Outdoor 4 x 4 thoughts

What is NJ Indoor record


National Sprint Med?
Baker has run what for 800M?


I think that depends on if Cardozo decides to run it

There duo of Dejah Stevens 55.1 and Sabrina Southerland 2:03.5 will make them very difficult to beat



unless they have two girls running 35’s for the 200


Close J/K
Akayla Anderson 25.98 Sandreka Bankrott 26.2


No, it doesn’t depend on whether Cardozo runs it; that’s the national title Lisa really wants.


I like Columbia’s shot at not only winning the National Sprint Med title but also the 4x800 title. When I look at the times, it seems pretty competitive.

You have a couple of girls that split 55 point indoor in the 4x400 and Baker has already run 2:10, 800m outdoor as a freshman, I think. More importantly, She was impressive with a 2:13 800m run indoor to win the MOC after only having 45 minutes recovery from her meet record 400m run. I think she can easily go mid 2:05 or slightly lower. You couple that with Dessein on the 400 (indoor split 55 point) or the Freshman, Trigg (indoor 56 point) or the other senior, Gadsen (indoor split 55 point) and you have strong possibilities. All of the aforementioned girls are also running 25, 200m times.

For the 4x800. I think they have the same potential to do something special. They potentially have 4 girls who could go 2:15 point each, (Baker already 2:13 and Dessein 2:13/14 indoors) and they have two other girls, Bobbitt and Coleman, who I think can do about the same. If they get on the same page, the state record could go down.

I am looking forward to outdoor season.


Pay attention to what Dwayne said: Cardozo if they decide the run the SMR and they probably will, has a 2:03.59 and a 55.19 and those are indoor times. I’m as big a Columbia fan as anyone but those will be tough to beat and they’re not the only team with great times

Bet on Columbia to try: its a national title that has eluded them and they want it!


NJ Indoor Girls Records

NJ Outdoor Girls Records

look to be up to date

Olivia Baker has a 2:10.41 on her NJRunners profile

I think National SMR record is 3:51.90 by Eleanor Roosevelt '07