College XC Conference Day


Some meets on live…


Doug Smith running for host Arizona State. has gone on record picking Wetmore’s Buffs to win in their first shot in the conference. Unsure if either or both Rosa’s will run for Stanford. Women’s side…Ms. Thompson for Lady Ducks, Ms. Amaral for #2 Lady Huskies of Washington.

I will be glued to

Live feed of WCC meet, #3 BYU against 32-time champ Portland.
This basically amounts to a dual meet, teams will likely shut out the rest of the conference, but a real good dual meet at that.

Nice day for Heps…



Molly MacNamara for Stanford



So, far as correctly picked at, NC State men over FSU in ACC (solid race for Brodeur and Pearson, Duke tied 4th over UVa). And Villanova men blast Big East, 43 points.



Think I may have seen Jeramy Elkaim in a Ducks uniform…



Anyone know what happened to Brian Leung at Heps? was slmost 40 seconds back of Cabral, 26 behind Udland?

Cabral must have let these guys go?

Nova absolutely crushes Big East



Odd. Princeton still wins…but? I have said for awhile, think 'Nova may well wind up winning region and being best squad at NCAA’s. They can really surprise some people…could be top 10, particularly if Sheridan comes on.

Matt McDonald 5th man for Princeton today.

Have heard nothing of individual race at Big East.




Ugh. I liked the West Coast Conference better without BYU in it. Myles Batty looked like a 3:35 guy. Lit up my boys Dunbar and Kipchumba. BYU 7 in front of Portland 5. 25-32. UP’s 32 year streak ends. No idea on PAC-10, but BYU is pretty good.

Think Colorado won…actually did not pick WCC meet, would have been wrong there…looks like a good pick with Buffs.




Gibney 5th, Capecci 6th, Sheridan 8th? McCatee 11 Kane 12? Mildinghall another disappointing day in 14th, if he ever ran to form Nova would be a Top 10 threat at Nats. I am not holding out hope at all for that, though, not at this point, not a good race all year.



Mercer County representin’
4. Katie Kellner - Cornell (WW-P So)
9. Clare Buck - Columbia (Hopewell Valley)



PAC-12 Results

Elkeim, #3 for Oregon, ahead of Verzbicas and Rosa!

20 99 Jeramy Elkaim OREGON 23:51 4:48
21 175 Nohe Lema UCLA 23:51 4:48
22 77 Martin Medina COLORADO 23:52 4:48
23 110 Lukas Verzbicas OREGON 23:55 4:49
24 21 Patrick Zacharias ARIZONA 23:55 4:49
25 155 Joe Rosa STANFORD 23:57 4:49


MAAC @ VCP. Kind of under the radar, not a headline breaker, but pretty solid improvement for Rider’s Mike Lindener in 11th, 25:53. Frosh Jake Ruskan close behind.

Iona is dangerous again. Did not run their real squad at pre-nationals. Nationally, you have OkState and Wisconsin 1-2. Then a mix of teams fighting for trophies…BYU, Colorado, Oklahoma, still Stanford, but watch out for Iona. Then a bit of a gap, maybe Indiana, Portland, look out for 'Nova.

Bottom line, will not be surprised if Iona winds up 3rd or 4th again.



Janel Parker (Freehold Twp) was 17th. Don’t think she ran at all her first couple of years there; nice to see her back at it!


Good to see Chelsea Ley in it for UVA. She was 17th Overall and second on the team.


Robbie Andrews 26th for UVA, good to see himn running cross again, he will have some kind of track season nased off this solid performance


Forys 9th at Big 10s:
Tauro 3rd and Smith 11th o the Women’s side:


Forys 8th, not 9th,

thought he would break up Wiscy top 5