College Women's 4 x 800


Awesome race up front between Nova and Oregon…one for the ages.

But tons of NJers running great legs in losing efforts:

Chelsea Cox: 2:01.62
Greta Feldman: 2:03.15
Jillian Smith: 2:05.18
Nijgia Snapp: 2:07.48

I’m not sure what the split was, but Chelsea Delaney (St. John Vianney) ran a great anchor in the 2nd heat to nearly give Penn the victory there.


The Jersey splits add to 8:17:43 vs. Villanova’s 8:17.45!

This was my 35th year at the Penn Relays…and the 2013 edition ranks up as one of the best. Great weather and so many great races - here’s what I’ll remember most:

  1. Lipari’s anchor leg - how does a 2:05 beat a 2:00? And Roesler ran a fine leg herself. What an amazingly tough nut Lipari is.

  2. Pleasantville…great race by all 4 legs…the Clarks are at a whole other level…they could run on any college team.

  3. McGorty 4:04/Malone’s 4:05 - how many times has someone run so fast wire-to-wire. Huge last lap for Malone. Would love to have seen Cheserek in there.

  4. Drouin 7-7 3/4 - breaks Stones Franklin Field record of 7-7 1/2 from 1976 (which was a world record).

  5. Oregon winning 4xmile - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bunch of guys as excited as they were when Mac Fleet crossed the line for the win. Great to see Elkaim part of a winning team. Oregon’s participation at Penn - both men and women - adds so much the Relays…hope they keep coming back…with Jersey runners representing.

So many other great races…Penn State’s double, US women’s 4x8, 44. HS legs…what an amazing track meet!

Also - great NJ legs on 4xmile:
Elkaim 4:03.6
Nussbaum 4:05.3
Schoepfer 4:05.9
Corkdale 4:07.8
Adds to 16:22.6

Can’t wait for next year!


Chelsea Cox now is running as fast as almost every big name in the US…

Delaney split 2:08.9 for Penn


I hope Chelsea can do that open! That will make her a contender for nationals (although Goule may be able to go sub 2).


Near as I can tell, Chelsea’s open PR is 2:04.76 from last May so this appears to be a very large breakthrough even if it is a relay leg. You have to be happy for her - she’s a great kid and has suffered through a number of injuries. She sure appears to be on the right track now.


Glad that Chelsea’s efforts were noticed. Her 2:01.x is a remarkable split. Not sure if you noticed but she had shaved her head completely bald to donate to locks of love. Maybe she was more aeordynamic? A tremendous athlete, and an even more tremendous person. Well done Chelsea!


I heard that from someone who spoke to her at Colonial Relays a couple of weeks ago, what a great kid. She looked strong as hell that day in the 400 and obviously looked great this week at Penn. She’s really doing some great work.