College Bowl Pick'em


Just getting the thread out here ahead of time. EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS.

ESPN Bowl Mania
Group: TrackTalk
Confidence, Locked, Private
Password: dyestat


Join people!


I hate how you rank your choices.


In. Probably will change picks multiple times between now and when the games actually start.


I do to, I messed up the order the first year I did this. Whatevs, it is what it is.


In. Listed as my older brother though because I use his user name because he has insider.


I won this **** last year.

Still don’t follow college football, still going to win.


give it a shot this year!




All I see are dark grey clouds, in the distance moving closer at every hourrrrrrrrrrr


Mas personas, por favor!


I have two entries within the group.

“hoegher (hoegh)” is based on the rankings I’ve been posting all year. Last year, I would’ve gotten 68.9% using those picks (which is better than I actually performed, I had 66.8%. TRUST THE PSEUDO-MATH)

“hoegher (pred)” is based on the predicted scores I’ve been posting with the picks I’ve made each week. Last year, I would’ve gotten 75.9% using those picks (good for 10th!). These don’t really count as my picks, I just want to see how they do in comparison.


In it to win it.

What’s better; going with the confidence picks or just doing them straight up?


Need more to enter!


So many games I don’t care about. Nevertheless I filled it out (didn’t really mess much with points. Just going for win/loss %)


to entering and was the 17th member to join. Since the group size was 16, does that mean I am too late to participate?

Sorry for the question but I am a real newbie at this!


Group size is 17 now, you just made it in!



Gregtur1 = Gummy Shark. Git off my back bros


and picks (guesses) are in! :smiley:


in. not touching the confidence stuff. dont know much about college football.