Cole sandvold- is he a wildcard medal winner


although the tier 1 individual competition was missing most of the top guns, Cole was still triumphant with a respectable individual win this weekend at the Eagle Invitational. if he can depart from his teams impressive pack and become a true number 1 as a top 6 Wisconsin runner in the 15:30 range than 1) arrowhead will likely win state 2) more relevantly they have a much better shot at making nationals and doing something there with an improved top guy. Cole has had a few track races over the years showing he has next level talent and of course a strong family history in the sport. As we approach championship season in his senior year it will be interesting if he leaves the pack he probably helped create, And becomes a potential top 6 medal winner.


He’s going to have to take some major scalps to get to top 6. I just don’t know if he is a 15:30 guy. 15:55-16:05? I’ll give it to him.



Cole sandvold continues to look impressive as he approaches the end of his senior year as he dominated his conference with a good solo time. In a normal year he would have a shot of even winning although this year top 6 looks tough. that being said over the last few weeks only Finn and Tannor are running better than him as he is running as good as farrell bosley and the Middleton and point kids. he was a top 10 darkhorse a few weeks ago but if he peaks well he has a legitimate shot now at top 5 although I expect a huge year end surge from baby bosley and potentially last years other frosh sensation at Point, Perez and none of us would be surprised if Gus goes for it at state although given how he has been running as of late if he tries to beat finn at state and hits the wall it would crush their team aspirations and candidly he hasn’t been even close lately. Gus may wait for national qualifiers to go for it.