Codey NJSIAA Bill picks up Co-Sponsor



Nice to see some Democrats that have a pair and are willing to oppose Burzichelli’s vendetta. I’ve never voted anything but Democrat but my two assemblypeople - Wayne DeAngelo and Linda Greenstein either could not commit (DeAngelo) or didn’t even get back to me about my questions for her. Neither of their offices acknowledged being aware of the controversy.

On the other hand, State Senator Tom Goodwin’s office was up on the issues, had a conversation with me about it and was supportive of keeping the NJSIAA in tact. Goodwin is a Republican too.

Three Republican votes from me; this is gonna hurt!



Sorry if it hurts, but maybe you’re seeing the error of your ways.:smiley:

Not to say that any political party has a corner on the market for dumb maneuvers but in general if the government wants to take control or keep control of something it’s most likely not a conservative driving the bus.


I’ll still be a Democrat; everyone should be allowed to screw up once in a while!:smiley:


Joke of the day!

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