Coach Fired over Shirtless Runners


I’ll let everyone digest this one, and I’ll try not to speculate on it, though I know the coach and suspect some things. Still absolutely ridiculous, and Tom’s 4x800 team won a state title for a school that was barely on the radar before he got there.


WTF? What state was this in? That’s completely ludicrous!


This was in Westwood, Massachusetts.


I understand why school administrations make those “no shirtless athletes” rules, though I do think they are pretty dumb. All it takes is one person to complain.

My high school track team institute a “no shirtless” rule my senior year in response to a neighbor complaining about the runners on the sidewalks and streets parading around with no shirts on. We complained (ignored the rule when off school grounds), but I imagine it happens a lot.

Heck, our head coach even forbade the distance runners from wearing short shorts for use in our track meets (these shorts)

Not because of a uniform issue, but because one of the other coaches complained that we only wanted to wear them to show off our asses :rolleyes: Some people just assume any attempt to show skin is scandalous in nature.

EDIT: Here at Wisconsin, non UW-athletes are currently prevented from running shirtless on the indoor track facility we have. That’s caused some discontent among our club runners.


That was a rule in the county I went to HS in too (Maryland).

I run around my local neighborhood all the time shirtless and in short shorts now, assuming it’s hot enough outside (at least 75 and sunny). I imagine some people get weirded out by it but whatever.:o


**** the police. i do what i want


people… why can’t they mind their own damn business?


we had a no shirtless rule during HS, but it only applied to the track. Came about because the girls were banned from wearing just sports bras and they complained that they boys could run without shirts.


And his athletes haven’t quit? I would have been out the door so fast if that happened to my coach. Shame on those guys for not standing up for their coach. There shouldn’t have been a team to take home that loss at the next meet.


lol at comments - “I’m also familiar with the phenomenon of ADs stroking their egos by riding around on a golf cart. Laughable. Invariably, the AD in question is a person who would benefit greatly from the exercise of actually walking from one field to the next.”


That doesn’t make sense at all (not you, the fact that people think this). I hate when I read about things like this. It’s hot out, so we’re doing what we can to try to stay cool. Is that so goddam wrong?

I’m not sure whether or not I would quit. I read on Letsrun people saying that the coach told them that they were supposed to be wearing shirts (regardless of whether or not the coach agreed with the rule, he still tried to abide by it). But he can’t really do much if they’re out running. However, I know I wouldn’t want to run for a school that does such stupid things like that. Then again, my school (especially our athletics director) hates the xc team for whatever reason so they probably wouldn’t be upset that we’re not taking home any division titles anymore


Damn hoes. This policy is absurd. In high school, we paraded all over town shirtless…proudly showing off our pale skinny white chests. It was a beautiful thing, really.


we had a no shirtless rule too, it f*cking sucked running in a sopping wet shirt in 90+ degrees in texas. Even when we wore singlets it sucked


I think we may have had a rule about being on school grounds and not being able to run with your shirt off. However, in XC we were barely ever running on school grounds unless we were doing track work so a lot of people ended up going shirtless.

I didn’t really rock short shorts too much, more like inbetween short shorts and basketball shorts. Just as long as the bottom is above my knee. Other than that I’m on the same page.

If people get weirded out or something then don’t look at me. I sweat, a lot, and I sure as hell ain’t running in a drenched shirt when I could be so much more comfortable without one.

Plus, if you don’t go to the beach or go to the pool, there’s not a lot of opportunities to take off your shirt without looking like a douche, so if you’re in shape this is primo time to show off. Being in shape takes wayyy too much work to not take advantage of the opportunity.


I can’t even make fun of runners here…this rule is retarded.

p.s. you guys still suck


I ran shirtless today. God help anyone that tries to take that away from me.


Everyday at track our AD would come yell at us to put our shirts on, then we would wait until she left and take them back off. We also were not allowed to run off campus. If we got caught our coach would make us do mileage on the track for a few days and threaten suspension to please our AD. Few the most part we got away with ignoring those rules. If our coach got fired for this shit we would be beyond pissed.


as far as i know my school has no rule about this. girls run in sports bras for summer workouts and during the spring season when its hot and the guys run shirtless at the same time to. and during football season me and a lot of guys practice shirtless for non contact stuff during the summer. we have never ever gotten a complaint about it. only thing is our sprint coach doesn’t let the sprinters take their shirts off when the girls team is around so he doesn’t have to deal with guys trying to show off.


This is ridiculous. I had a no shirtless rule at my high school, and to show my discontent with it I bought a few cheap plain white tee shirts, cut the sleeves off, cut the neck whole to make it wider, and cut the bottom to make it one bad ass belly shirt. I looked like a complete ass, but my coach got the message and became more lenient with the rule.


Yep we had the same rule.

Took them off off campus though.