CMH state title hopes


Seeing that tiahnybik ran the 100,200,400 in regionals does anybody else think they have a legit chance at d2 state going along with novak in the 800 and 1600? Tiahnybik won all three of his events and easily won the 100 even though it was his first 100 of the year against two kids who ran a 10.84 and 10.9, it looked like he slowed up at the end to. Also, Novak looked comfortable in the 800 and 1600 and should be a title contender in both those events. What do you guys think?


I think Tiahnybik doing the 100 guarantees at least an additional 6 points putting the potential for CMH – if they gain 10pts in each of the other four events – at 46 points. However, I don’t think it’s enough to catch Shorewood who simply have the potential quantity of qualifiers.

If you were to score the honor roll at today:

[INDENT]61 Shorewood
36 Seymour
36 Monroe
34 Catholic Memorial
26 Kenosha St. Joseph
23 Pewaukee
23 East Troy[/INDENT]

This is their lineup from the honor roll:

 800 -  1st - 1:55.22   Jacob Goldberg 
 4x1 -  1st - 43.16     // Rabon - Dennis
 4x4 -  1st - 3:20.89   // Rabon - Dennis
3200 -  2nd - 9:29.21   Charles Stahl 
 200 -  2nd - 21.97     Justin Rabon
  TJ -  2nd - 44-4.5    Taylor Dennis
 4x8 -  3rd - 8:08.72   // Goldberg - Stahl
3200 -  8th - 9:49.3    Sam Kuhlmann

In theory, Shorewood carries similar strengths to CMH in the 800 and 200 which will help offset the point accumulation of the Crusaders in those particular events. Charlie Stahl will also help offset Novak’s points in the 1600 being a strong contender in the 3200. Stahl is also attempting to qualify in the 1600. While he does not have 1:55 speed that Novak has he is a strong runner 1600-5000m and I could see him sneaking on to the podium with a good race. Where Shorewood separates themselves from CMH is in the relays and with Taylor Dennis in the Triple Jump. Justin Rabon – who actually beat Tiahbynik twice last year and is the defending 200/400 champion – is on the 4x1 and 4x4 relays that are ranked as the top in the state. And the 4x8 has both Stahl and Goldberg in it giving them a great opportunity to stand tall on the podium.


Thanks for the insight. The only part I disagree on really is rabon in the 200 he may of beat Tiahnybik last year but he’s had a stress fracture earlier this year and before his wind aided 200 regionals he didn’t break 22.8 so I don’t really see him as a contender there! Tiahnybik has beat both of them pretty easily throughout the year to.


Even still though, 10pts - 8pts or even 10pts - 6pts offsets Tiahbynik.


This is going to hurt their chances:

  1 Jake Schimenz             SR Brown Deer             1:55.62   10   
  2 Jacob Goldberg            JR Shorewood              1:57.01    8   
  3 Joe Novak                 SO Catholic Mem           1:57.13    6   
  4 Clayton Morrison          SR Jefferson              1:58.95    5   
  5 James Jeninga             SO Milwaukee Lu           2:01.98    4   
  6 Ethan Brownell            SR Pewaukee               2:02.62    3   
  7 Bryce Verheyen            FR Waupun Area            2:03.57    2   
  8 Seth Schumacher           SO Lakeside Lut           2:04.11    1   
  9 Vicente Delgado           JR St. Francis            2:05.27  
 10 Luke Versweyveld          JR Christian Life         2:06.39  
 11 Chris Paepke              SR Milwaukee Lu           2:07.86  
 12 Chad Stahmann             SR Laconia                2:09.45  
 13 Diego Villarreal          SR Palmyra-Eagl           2:10.83  
 14 Zach Zimmerman            SR Laconia                2:14.50  
 15 Brady Erickson            SR Ripon                  2:20.24  


Heard he cut off the Brown Deer runner and faced a potential DQ?


There was some pushing/shoving going on. I didn’t get a clear look at it, but others around me did. The coaches of both teams came together with the refs and talked about it briefly, but it looks like they were content with both guys making it. Couldn’t tell who initiated it, but why DQ a kid when both kids made state. It was a physical race.


Novak didnt get dq’d. They still have a chance