Clayton Murphy - 800m


I’ve been meaning to research Clayton Murphy a bit ever since the outdoor NCAA meet. This has been quite a year for him. Let me see if I have this straight:

His first year concentrating on the 800. Comes into the year with a 1:50 best.

He then proceeds to drop that to 1:47 and grabs 3rd in the NCAA indoor meet.

He then also takes 3rd in the very slow outdoor NCAA meet.

He follows this up with a 4th at USAs and his best is now 1:45.69.

What to do next? Win the Pan Am 800m title.


Pan Am Win: YouTube


Quite the breakout year indeed. I have a hunch there’s still more, even now, than that 1:45 PR. Always love it when people have a breakout season.


Now competing at NACAC as well.