Class of 2011 College Choices


Jason Fast FTW


On the girls side…

From what I understand, Sami Fry (DGN) will be running at Yale. I could be wrong on how official that is, but that’s what I’ve heard.


I haven’t heard any buzz about where Lukas is going…I think he even told a reporter at State that he didn’t want to talk about it. Anyone heard anything and/or is there something buzzing on the LetsRun boards?


He’s probably trying to pull a Lebron.


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Well, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a coach from University of Oregon at the Illinois State Meet. Lukas said that he is going to take two visits on the West Coast after Foot Locker Nationals.

Elkaim to Oregon

IB Lukas doesn’t go to U of I and people complain about all the talent going out of state :rolleyes:


I assume that would be to visit Oregon and Stanford. Colorado?
He’s going to need to pick a place where he can ride his tri bike and swim…Eugene is a tough spot for cycling bc of weather.
Ok State or UNC would prob have the best cycling weather & topography among the top XC/Track schools.


Most likely will not be heading to Colorado, This is an exert from an interview with Wetmore from January 5th of this year. It basically calls out Lukas.

There have been some big-time recruits the past few years coming out of high school, some even coming out of Colorado. I think it’s obvious that Oregon has the current buzz and popularity and their recruiting is benefiting from that as a result. It seems that your recruiting strategy is not to chase some of these big-time recruits, but instead first let high school runners interested in the program show their genuine interest and then move forward with recruiting. Could you comment on your approach to recruiting then?

The most accomplished recruits will likely be offered very large or full scholarships. It is extremely unlikely that we will have the funds to make that kind of offer. For Footlocker stars, or 4:02 milers, C.U. is usually out of the picture after one email or phone call.


That’s only applicable to DaveW


Yeah, and if only there was a Lithuanian Track Talk, I would definitely bet they would all be complaining about all the talent going out of country…


I saw the Duke and Illinois coaches at NXN today…wonder who they were focused on.


Basically Lukas narrowed it down to 49 states for us… He is not staying in Illinois.


UIC coach was there too.

Both UIC guy and McRaven talked to some ppl in our “camp,” although I don’t plan on getting more specific than that because I wouldn’t want people overanalyzing my college choice too much if I didn’t know where I wanted to go haha


Wetmore was working on him hard at today’s FLMW.

OK State, Wisconsin, Marquette, Notre Dame, and other coaches were all there. Cool to see and watch the dance from afar…


I heard Lukas is really looking at The Master’s College.

I heard the Citadel was an option too.


[]Lukas Verzbicas - Orland Park (Sandburg) Sr 13:54
] Jack Driggs - Elmhurst (York) Sr 14:16 - Wisconsin, UNC, ASU, Georgetown, Notre Dame and Minnesota
[] Cody Webster - East Moline (United) Sr 14:27
] Jack Stapleton - Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest) Sr 14:31
[] Dave Eckhart - Park Ridge (Maine South) Sr 14:33
] Sam Telfer - LaGrange (Lyons) Sr 14:34
[] Joe McAsey - Minooka Sr 14:34
] Ben Silver - Downers Grove (North) Sr 14:34
[] Michael Scolarici - O’Fallon (H.S.) Sr 14:36
] Victor Delatorre - Lake Zurich Sr 14:38
[] Billy Fayette - Hinsdale (Central) Sr 14:39
] Alex Brend - Lake Zurich Sr 14:39
[] Kevin Wood - Lincolnshire (Stevenson) Sr 14:39
] Ari Rothschild - Highland Park Sr 14:41
[] David Groeber - Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) Sr 14:41
] Kosta Papazoglou - Skokie (Niles North) Sr 14:42
[] Travis Morrison - Schaumburg (H.S.) Sr 14:46
] Andrew Sandoval - Plainfield (North) Sr 14:48
[] Kellan Strobel - Mt. Prospect (Prospect) Sr 14:49
] Drew Kerschieter - Normal (Community West) Sr 14:49
[] Kevin McDowell - Geneva Sr 14:49
] Mac Ford - Wilmette (Loyola Academy) Sr 14:51
[] Bryce Basting - Normal (Community West) Sr 14:52
] Gunnar Sterne - West Chicago (H.S.) Sr 14:54
[] Ryan Bartell - Aurora (West) Sr 14:55
] Craig Munie - O’Fallon (H.S.) Sr 14:55
[] Ryan Moncrieff - Lake Zurich Sr 14:57
] Tommy King - Winnetka (New Trier) Sr 14:57
[] Billy Koskiewicz - Geneva Sr 14:58
] Donald Desalvo - Darien (Hinsdale South) Sr 14:59
[] Nick Hall - Northbrook (Glenbrook North) Sr 14:59
] A.J. Laskowske - Palatine (H.S.) Sr 15:00
[] Brian Llamas - Downers Grove (North) Sr 15:00
] Josh Ferguson - Naperville (Neuqua Valley) Sr 15:00
[] Marc Diverde - Crystal Lake (Prairie Ridge) Sr 15:03
] Tom Hedman - Elmhurst (York) Sr 15:04
[] Vincenzo D Pozzo - Naperville (Neuqua Valley) Sr 15:05
] Reuben Frey - Palatine (H.S.) Sr 15:05
[] Ian Barnett - Oak Park (Fenwick) Sr 15:07
] Isa Qasim - Winnetka (New Trier) Sr 15:07
[] Nick Gornick - Elmhurst (York) Sr 15:07
] Karl Eiring - Barrington Sr 15:07
[*] Matt Simo - Elmhurst (York) Sr 15:09


  1. Joe Calio - Mattoon Sr 14:50
  2. J.D. Fuller - Woodstock (H.S.) Sr 14:53
  3. Paul Zeman - Belvidere (North) Sr 14:54 - UNC
  4. Oscar Medina - Chicago (Lake View) Sr 14:55
  5. Joe Giamberdino - Wheaton (St. Francis) Sr 14:56
  6. Ryan Rutherford - Normal (University) Sr 14:58
  7. Phillip Meyer - Woodstock (H.S.) Sr 14:59
  8. Eric Delvo - Springfield (Sacred Heart-Gri Sr 15:00
  9. Bruyn Yunk - Belvidere (North) Sr 15:00
  10. Alex Parlette - Normal (University) Sr 15:07
  11. Colten Strotheide - Breese (Mater Dei) Sr 15:09

I just took the 1st page of all the seniors at the 3A XC state meet and the top 10ish seniors of the 2A XC state meet and I figured we could start to develop a list of where the state top runners are looking. I think its be best if we keep editing this post and filling in the possible schools next to the runners.

I started by filling in what I’ve seen on RISE blogs and such with Driggs and Zeman


Apparently Telfer, Silver, and possibly Eckhart, McAsey, and King are visiting U of I this weekend. That should please DaveW, because at least those are some solid guys looking in state.

Also, U of I seems to be approaching a range of guys who are good at different distances (and all also good at 3 mile xc, of course…all but King were top 10 at state). Eckhart and McAsey seem to be mid-d type guys primarily, with Telfer and Silver stronger, I think, at the longer distances, and King…I’m not sure. He’s got great 1600 AND 3200.




I bet my 40 acres and my mule that Driggs goes to Wisco

And Simo was looking at Loras