Class A Rankings


Since none of the Class A rankings have come out yet…Who do you think will be the top teams and individuals for boys and girls this year at state?


Musa FTW.


Waseca boys will win and Ferlic will win individually.


Guys: Mubarik Musa and Perham for the team
Girls: Gabi Swoboda and Adrian for the team





  1. Plainview-Elgin-Millville Mubarik Musa Worthington
  2. Perham Mason Ferlic Mounds Park Acad.
  3. St. Cloud Cathedral Aaron Haley Plainview-E-M
  4. Holy Family Academy Oj Ojulla Worthington
  5. Eveleth-Gilbert Grant Wintheiser St. Cloud Cath.
  6. Jackson County Area Troy Koivisto Dassel-Cokato
  7. Waseca Grant Timm Plainview-E-M
  8. Esko Andrew Gerdts Le Sueur-Henderson
  9. Mora Byron Schuldt Nevis
  10. Winona Cotter Brendan Skime Thief River Falls
  11. Fairmont Andrew Thies Sibley East
  12. Mesabi East Keith Schornack Perham


  1. Waseca Kayla Woltz Chatfield
  2. Adrian Clare Flanagan Blake
  3. Annandale Lauren Friese Fairmont
  4. Perham Courtney Alama Annandale
  5. LaCrescent Kaia Bierman Cannon Falls
  6. Park Rapids Area Elena Danielson St. Cloud Cath.
  7. Esko Jordin Kopplow Adrian
  8. St. Cloud Cathedral Victoria Alexander Lake of the Woods 9. Albany Emi Trost Cannon Falls
  9. Blake Taylor Alama Annandale
  10. Chatfield Morgan Larson Waseca
  11. New London Spicer Megan Sauer Adrian


UMMMM where is Brian Saksa from Dassel Kokato? 13th at cc state last year (ahead of Schornack, Thies and Skime) and won the 800 in track?


You didn’t really go out on much a limb with these predictions…but i have a question for you. How do you think Gabi Swoboda will fit in these results? She was only 15 seconds behind Maddie McClellan at state track for the 2 mile. Do you think she would have a prosibility for winning?
Also i do believe that Waseca and Adrian both will run at Mountain Lake on Wednesday (or at least last year they both did).


These weren’t predictions. These were polls.


oh, I did not realize that. What website are they from?


I am a coach and the guy who does the rankings sends them to me when he sends to papers, other coaches, etc. I am sure they will appear in paper, raceberry, and elsewhere soon!


Grant Timm, PEM
Claire Flanagan, Adrian


Kayla Woltz and Adrian for gurlz


Kayla Woltz and Adrian for gurlz


Did you mean for the double-post half an hour apart?




Justin Cook will be top 5 at state this year.
PEM will likely defend their title. The only team I could see beating them is Perham cause they reload so well.
Mason Ferlic beats Musa.
The Nevis kid also will prolly have a big season. Remember his freshman year he was 3rd in state in the 2 mile.


I do agree with you with Cook being in the top 5 and it being close with PEM and Perham but is there a reason not many people think Musa will defend his title? I mean, he did win by 18 seconds and he beat the next runner coming back this season by 27 seconds.




Well, if everyone just concedes that he will win, then we will have nothing to talk about…

Plus, running is a wild sport. Anything can happen. Almost every year, for one reason or another, one of the top runners in the state has preformed dreadfully at State (Ryan Evans, Jacob Sandry, and Andy Fenske are notable, albiet extreme examples)


Little 8th grader, Jeanessa, from Belle Plaine had a solid race today, low 16s on a flat course but slow day.
This girl looked like she was running with complete ease!!! She could contend in November if she trains well.