Class A and AA Coaches' Rankings 9/16


Class A- Class A Rankings for 9/16/2013
Class AA- Class A Rankings for 9/16/2013


Here is AA.


Thoughts anybody?

**How can coaches drop Tess Misgen out of top 12 individuals? Oversight as far as I am concerned. I think Carly Bandt deserved at least some votes this week too.

**I don’t know how dominating Wayzata girls, can’t have a second girl in the top 12 individuals.

**I was big supporter of Hunter Bailey in my rankings 2 weeks ago before he showed up on coaches list, but I think he was placed a little too high this week.

**That Jared Carpenter kid seems to be the real deal. Has improved his times significantly each of last 2 years at least. Glad to see him recognized.

**I’m dropping Duerr, Flanagan, and Meados from my rankings if they don’t run this week.

**No, I’m not a Wayzata groupie. :slight_smile:


Meados has run.

Please explain, with evidence, why you think Misgen should be top-12.

Wayzata girls are being overlooked because French is so good. One of them will probably be top-12 at the end of the year.

Didn’t Bailey beat Carpenter at Mayo?


Whoops. Thanks.

Thoughts- Surprised Hurley isn’t ahead of Streich this week. Also, where is Golebiowski this year?


Hurley should be first. Barlow is good but the top runner in A shouldn’t get beat by 31 seconds.

Golebiowski has been injured but might be back today or Saturday.


With all respect to Cal Lawton, I don’t think he is currently the 5th best runner in the state… I would say more like 8th or 9th or 10th. He is a terrific runner, but I don’t think a 16:20 on Saturday is very impressive compared to what times others have run. Other than that, I think these rankings are fairly accurate.


**Meados has run once, and it wasn’t his best effort, though he did hold on to win. He missed Lakeville last week with injury, but hopefully will be ok to go this weekend at Milaca. My point was that he is borderline top 15, and I would likely drop him out of my top 15 next week if he doesn’t run this weekend. I had him ranked 12th this week in my rankings.
**I will check my notes on Misgen and see who I had her ranked ahead of.
**We agree on Wayzata girls. Only question may be who their consistent 2nd runner is by year end.
**Don’t remember for sure on Carpenter vs Bailey at Mayo, but I believe you are correct. For the record, I had Bailey ranked 11th and Carpenter 15th this week.


Golebiowski did run today - 16:20.3



The thing with Lawton is that he hasn’t lost yet. Being undefeated has some aura that most guys don’t get to experience. Maybe Lawton would only be Wayzata’s 3 or 4? Who knows until he races them?

He did beat Lumbar in a 2-mile and Young seems to be pretty good but other than that their competition hasn’t been that great and the times are pretty average.


Actually, he was second to Mr. Ali at Gale Woods.


Forgot about that. Not a bad person to lose to though!


Who is still undefeated in AA? Not counting guys that haven’t raced due to injury or have only raced once due to injury.


Anyone else?


He took the race out very hard, just excited to start racing again after his break. Look for him to be significantly faster on Saturday when he races against the Perham squad, especially Keeghan.


I don’t think he will be racing directly against Perham as I believe that Cathedral will be running the 2A race and Perham is moving up to the 4A race.


Didn’t know Perham moved. That’s good for Perham, they will have much better team competition at the 4A level than in 2A.


Taking on Stillwater. Milaca just got interesting.


I’ve got Hurley for the individual win but Stillwater by just a handful. Gonna be a good race.

Was hoping to see Duerr vs Barlow but it doesn’t sound like Duerr will be back yet. Predicting Hutch 1-3 in AAA.

It will be nice to have some barometer for Hutch with them running on the same course as many ranked teams in AAAA.


Bagley Invite
Isaac Overmyer (Park Rapids) wins in about 16:47.
Roseau boys win. Perham varsity jogged the course all day.

Madeline Huglen (Roseau) wins in 15:36.
Park Rapids girls win.