Cheserek at Penn


I know that Cheserek has to sit out for 30 days, does that mean he will not be allowed to run at Penn?


He is not required to sit out 30 days because his school is not a full member of the state association. Having said that, his coach had him sit out the 30 days anyway at the beginning of XC and indoors. No idea what he will do with respect to Penn.


Cheserek will be running at Penn, according to a fairly reliable source today


Still not decided.


I am not sure he is required to sit anyway, is he?

Clearly he changed residences?

Did he run Varsity Track in Kenya last year?

Does his former school have a program

Not sure any or all of these even apply to his situation.

That being said, it would be a pretty big change in philosophy since he did sit for 30 and 30, and now they are National or Penn Contenders?


As I said above, he is not required to sit. They did that voluntarily. That is not the only factor.


Joe, what I meant was, I am not sure he would have had to sit anyway, even if he was in a full member school status, a lot of ways around that one, I would have thought.


Somewhat off-topic… has a US team ever gone sub-10 in the boys HS DMR at Penn? Between Warwick, WWPN (with Rosas 6 weeks fitter than at NBIN), and Cheserek (hopefully not breaking 25 for his first 200m), we may see it this year.


Webb’s South Lakes team went 9:49.78
I agree though, I can definitely see one of those teams going sub- 10, especially WWPN


CBA might have a shot too.


At Penn???


South Lakes ran 9:59.66 at Penn in 2001

The 9:49.78 is the ntl record that South Lakes ran at nationals later that season


South Lakes went 9:59.66 at Penn in 2001. St Malachy’s ran 9:59.84 in 1999, 10:00.70 in 2000. The other two teams in the top five are Willingbor and Bernards 10:00.9 in 1983. No team has broken into the top 10 in the DMR since South Lakes in 2001.



I remember the St. Malachy’s team in '99… they did that with a 54 400 leg! :eek:


I didn’t realize that. Of course it does help when you lead off a 3:02.3 1200!


Connor Sweeney? wasn’t that the kid’s name who anchored St. Malachy’s? guess he never ran college track over here?


[COLOR=red][B]High School Boys Top Splits | The Penn Relays

1600m Splits[/B][/COLOR]
Relays’ Top Performers

3:59.9—Alan Webb, South Lakes: Reston, Va. (2000)
4:02.9—Garreth Turnbull, St. Malachy’s: Belfast, Ire. (1997)
4:03.0y—Marty Liquori, Essex Catholic: Newark, N.J. (1967)
4:04.1—Kevin Byrne, Paramus Catholic: Paramus, N.J. (1977)
4:04.2—Craig Forys, Colts Neck: Colts Neck, N.J. (2007)
4:04.6y—Ron Gale, Christian Brothers: Lincroft, N.J. (1976)
4:05.0—Sharif Karie, West Springfield: Springfield, Va. (1997)
4:06.2y—Chris Inman, Essex Catholic: Newark, N.J. (1973)
4:06.2—Robby Andrews, Manalapan: Manalapan, N.J. (2009)
4:06.4—John Carlotti, Bernards: Bernardsville, N.J. (1983)
4:06.5—John Gregorek, St. Anthony’s: Briarwood, N.Y. (1978)
4:07.3y—Matt Centrowitz, Power Memorial: New York, N.Y. (1973)
4:07.9—Conor Sweeney, St. Malachy’s: Belfast, Ire. (2000)
4:08.2—Robert Keino, Ridgewood: Ridgewood, N.J. (1993)

1200m Splits
Relays’ Top Performers

2:59.8y—Alex Trammell, St. Joseph’s Coll.: Buffalo, N.Y. (1972)
3:00.8—John Sullivan, Bernards: Bernardsville, N.J. (1979)
3:01.1—Ray Brown, St. Alban’s: Washington, D.C. (1980)
3:02.3—Joe McAlister, St. Malachy’s: Belfast, Ire. (1999)
3:02.3—Esteban Diaz, Brooklyn Tech: Brooklyn, N.Y. (1980)
3:02.6y—Gary Trojanowski, St. Joseph: Metuchen, N.J. (1972)
3:02.7—Dan Tebbano, Shenendehowa: Clifton Park, N.Y. (1999)
3:02.8y—Tony DiGiovanni, Cranford: Cranford, N.J. (1984)
3:03.3—Steve Walters, St. Anthony’s: Smithtown, N.Y. (1980)
3:03.3y—Mark Ogden, Archbishop Molloy: Jamaica, N.Y. (1974)
3:03.4—Joe Hopkins, Whitman: Huntington Station, N.Y. (1980)
3:03.5y—Roger Moore, Roman Catholic: Philadelphia, Pa. (1979)
3:03.6—Lamont Leach, Vere Tech: Hayes, Jam. (1991)


800m Splits
Relays’ Top Performers
1:49.1—Alan Webb, South Lakes: Reston, Va. (2001)
1:49.33—Anthony Kostelac, Albemarle: Charlottesville, Va. (2009)
1:49.4y—Bob Wheeler, Dulaney: Timonium, Md. (1970)
1:49.5y—Marty Liquori, Essex Catholic: Newark, N.J. (1967)
1:49.79—Tom Mallon, Central Bucks South: Warrington, Pa. (2009)
1:49.9—Sharif Karie, West Springfield: Springfield, Va. (1997)
1:50.1y—Joe Savage, Roselle Catholic: Roselle, N.J. (1970)
1:50.2—Alan Webb, South Lakes: Reston, Va. (2001)
1:50.3—Jermaine Myers, Holmwood Tech: Manchester, Jam. (2003)
1:50.4—Alfonso Averhart, Bishop Loughlin: Brooklyn, N.Y. (1982)
1:50.57—Zach Vrhovac, Albemarle: Charlottesville, Va. (2009)
1:50.6—Vince Draddy, Iona Prep: New Rochelle, N.Y. (1979)
1:50.65—Liam Tansey, Morris Hills: Rockaway, N.J. (2009)
1:50.8—Jermaine Myers, Holmwood Tech: Manchester, Jam. (2002)
1:50.9—Seneca Lassiter, Lafayette: Williamsburg, Va. (1994)
1:50.9—Ernest Barnett, Clarendon: Kingston, Jam. (1986)
1:51.0y—Mark Belger, Mepham: Belmore, N.Y. (1974)


The Ron Gale mark was for 1500 meters not a mile or 1600 meters. That race was run as 800/400/1300/1500. I don’t know why they haven’t changed that; it’s not like they haven’t been told.


Joe, nice job with that, I have no idea why they insist on leaving that in, seriously.

We discuss it every year now for more than 5.

It is nuts they just do not fix it.