Cheserek 4:05,1:53 and 1:50


i know this isnt cheserek but fellow NJ guy Joe Rosa just went 14:13 for 5k at Mercer Twilight!


Splits per milesplit:

400 - 66.3
800 - 2:12.2
1200 - 3:22.4
1600 - 4:29
2000 - 5:38.4
2800 - 7:54.6
3200 - 9:02.8
3600 - 10:10.7
4000 - 11:00.16
4400 - 12:31
4800 - 13:40.6
5000 - 14:13.4

5000 Meters - Boys

  1. Joe Rosa (WW-P No) 14:13.68
  2. Eddie Owens (Packer Collegiate) 14:5285
  3. Anthony Dentino (Wash Twp) 15:05.56
  4. Zaid Smart (Princeton) 15:07.97
  5. Brian O’Toole (Robbinsville) 15:11.57


The 4000 split is way off though.


I was just going through what I know for a while now watching really great guys.

And I cannot think of a single one day triple that looks like this?

Maybe I am wrong, maybe Webb’s State meet that one year? Not sure, he did not run three races of that volume though, I think he did run 4:06 off 2:14, an 800 and a 4 x 4 split. not sure if all were same day.

I cannot think of a one day trio of this high quality relay splits in HS though?

can anyone?

the guy is unreal.


bet it is supposed to be 11:20


Yeah I agree, I was thinking the same thing. Just a confusing typo though.


If you want to count German’s CA state meet which was over 2 days. 411 (1600) 400 (1600) 834 (3200)


edward cheserek is a great young talent, but have you guys heard of Hamza Driouch? Born in 1994, so must be 16/17 and ran 1:46.85 last year (according to his diamond league official page)

looks like gerrouj, too

i just heard of this dude after looking at some Diamond league highlights from this weekend, anyone have more information on him?


Does anyone know if he is from Qatar or did they buy him?


I am talking one day triples only, thought that was pretty clear.


That’s my bad; I wrote the wrong time down and Pat was trying to keep one eye on the race and get all the results posted. It should have been 11:20.x something. I don’t have the exact 400 split as I gave sheet of paper I was writing them on to someone.

Joe hit a string of 68s like a metronome and his stride showed no stress until about 3 to go. He ran from about 1.25 miles to the finish completely alone. Owens was game but he looked tired.


Cheserek is racing an awful lot.

Great to see all the high-end results, don’t get me wrong… but a 4:05 in a meaningless 4x16 is kind of pointless. Racing at a high level is tough on young athletes, even with great training and coaching. Look how much time the Rosas have missed their senior year, as an example.


Let’s keep the facts straight. Joe Rosa was NOT Injured. The time he missed resulted from surgery for a.congenital conditio. Jim has missed time due to an injury but also an illness (non-running) and the Rosas are not over raced.

I understand the inclination to jump to a conclusion about how much an athlete competes but I think it is generally better to assume the coach knows best. In this case you need to consider that the race was not meaningless to his team. More important, Cheserek has no state meets to look forward to, so while other NJ athletes are putting out significant effort to get through sectionals, states and meet of champs, Edward will not be competing. He’ll be able to train and rest up for the Dream Mile and the Nationals.


Race for second place at NBN is going to be awfully close in whatever event everyone does.


Joe and I disagree on many things and I respect his knowlegeable opinion, I hope he does mine.

I also think Chesrek runs a lot of what I would call meaningless HARD efforts. That is only my opinion.

However, he does not ever seem to get tired or flat. So for now, it obviously works for him, I do not know the order of performances, but they are all really really high level. The guy just has a huge engine and speed to match.

I do know this and folks can watch documented examples of this and yet disagree all they want.

There are so many high quality performances in anyone, folks just saw the end of a mini run dynasty today in Lakers who looked like a bush league street ball team, they will never be the same.

Alan Webb may be another, and Andrew Springer who ran lights out , but ran ALL the time, was another, he was toasted by NBN and yet was tripled there as well, with average to good team mates, not other studs ,running a sprint med in 90+ degree heat AFTER a two mile night before that did not go well and before a DMR where he was a 4:02 miler already. It does not work.Springer is only now approaching the times he ran over two years ago, and it is not for lack of trying , nor injury, it just happens.

What a really good coach said to me almost 12 years ago was:

Having a superstar, a real superstar in HS is like having a performance race car, you need to try and drive it to the ege of the cliff at high speeds without ever GOING OVER. It is harder to coach great kids that have HUGE upside and REALLY improve them ,than the rank and file as there is no criticism of that . Ala the abuse Dave Smith takes about German.


I certainly don’t disagree about there being limits but they are different for everyone and Edward is clearly an anomaly, at least for here; back in Kenya he might be the norm, I don’t know. That’s why the coach is the best judge of what is too much assuming s/he has the athlete’s best interests at heart.

As far as the effort being meaningless, I’d have to ask - to whom? Maybe it’s meaningless to most people but for an athlete/school with no state meet to go to (not feeling sorry for them, just stating a fact), that meet might just be meaningful. How many more weeks will he be able to run against high school competition before most of the known world trots off to run the sectionals, groups and MOC? Not too many. As I said before, he’s going to get a rest during that period and will get some late season extended training in before a couple big tests in mid-June.


lukas verzbicas disagrees. The only event 1500+ that chesarek has a better PR in right now that lukas has actually competed in is the 5k and i would be pretty surprised if lukas wasnt in sub 14 shape.


[quote=king99;201927]Joe and I disagree on many things and I respect his knowlegeable opinion, I hope he does mine.

I also think Chesrek runs a lot of what I would call meaningless HARD efforts. That is only my opinion.

Not saying I totally disagree with you, but many of the great H.S. athletes from decades ago raced a lot by todays standards. I remember having a meet every week from April to June and having quite few weeks with 2 meets. Perhaps the difference was in the quality of the efforts; I personally could not summon the same effort for dual or all-comer meets as I could for championships or invitationals. I would not say Chesrek runs a lot, but he runs at a very high level each time.

Btw, coaches love athletes who love to race.


Pretty sure all this is why king typed “HARD” the way he did.


I liken it to the situation with major league pitchers. They have to he on inning counts and five man rotations because that’s all they can handle since that’s the way they were handled early in their careers. Again, not saying there shouldn’t be limits - no pitcher should throw 180 pitches in a game - but everyone is different and the more you stretch your limits WITHIN REASON, the more you generally can handle. Surprisingly, I tjink the coach is in the best position to know the limits assuming s/he is knowledgeable and has the best interests of the athlete in mind.