Cheserek 4:05,1:53 and 1:50


Cheserek 4:05 in the 4 by 16, 1:53 in the DM and 1:50.9 in the Sprint Med. The best race of the county relays by far was the sprint med, when Cheserek chased down West Oranges Jared Mason who ran a great time of 1:53.7.


Strong 5th post.

But please take the times out of the thread title, as it ruins results for some people who would like to find out for themselves (as advice from a fellow Jerseyan :wink: ).

Great runs by him as well. Very strong efforts.


The whole point of “no results in thread titles” was for large meets like Olympics, WCs, NCAAs, NON, etc. where people wanted to watch online after before finding out the results. There is nothing wrong with posting the results in a thread title to a county meet- whether someone finds out through reading the thread or through seeing it in the Daily Herald really makes no difference.


Pretty much, if it was televised then don’t post in the title. This is most likely no the case


BTW, according to the Star Ledger’s Rich Bevensee, Edward went 4:05.8, 1:52.x and 1:50.2.


Very excited to see this kid at the end of the season.


So am I. I really hope that LV is at NBN along with Cheserek, the Rosas, Moussa and all the other guys. We have commitments from most of the players already including everyone I mentioned. LV is still uncertain.


Regardless of the split differentials, some have 1:53.7 and some have 1:52.x, this is just epic stuff, the rest on these cannot possibly be that long.

There have not been too many 8:42 yards guys and 1:50.x split guys

Webb ran 8:45 Indoors, surely could have run under that outdoors and ran 1:47.x

German could never have split 1:50.x from what I have observed.

Don Sage ran 8:45 3200 and split 1:50 flat or so

But the range is scary. And ability to pound our same day multiple efforts? Especially when having to go very anaerobic in each one to try and catch? Wow. It really is just unbelievable.

I would love to see him in even paced set up mile, right on the numbers like 60.x-2:01.x-3:01, he has to be able to get real near 4:00 even though his splits are 4:05.x, he runs so wildly to catch up, and still holds on. Not sure what he was out in yesterday.


From Rich Bevensee:

St. Benedict’s Prep star Edward Cheserek continued to astound fans and athletes alike at the Essex County Relay Championships on Friday night in Livingston.

Cheserek was simply amazing, splitting 4:05.8 for the anchor leg of the second-place 4xMile relay, 1:52 on the anchor leg of the runner-up 4x800 relay, and an eye-popping 1:50.2 on the anchor leg of the sprint medley, which finished first in 3:27.58 and wiped out a 30-year-old meet record.

I was tired for my last race, but I am happy,’’ Cheserek said.I could have run fast and gotten tired later in my races but I tried to balance my splits. I was very happy with how I raced today. I don’t think I could have gone much faster today. I will try to go faster this season.’’

Cheserek’s 1:50.2 allowed him to chase down West Orange’s Dexter Valley in the final 200 meters of the sprint medley and help St. Benedict’s break the record of 3:28.50 set by Columbia in 1982.



The range is especially scary when you consider that he has also run 29:45 for 10K.


We just have to find out what he can do the 400 in. Anyone who can split a 1:50 should easily be able to hit 48. I’m just wondering where the wall is for this guy.


do we recall at the beginning of the indoor season when some questioned his potential to run 1:52? I dare say some need to readjust their thinking. :slight_smile:


That’s what I was recalling. Looks like 1:48.5 potential before he graduates, now.


I’d say there are plenty of 1:50 guys out there, especially those who come at it from strength, who can’t break 50.0.


I disagree Kevin, I do not think there are more guys who can run 1:50 and cannot split sub 50.00 on relay at least, than the other way around.

Cheserek did split sub 50.00 400M at Penn and he is about as strength based at 1:50.x relay as there is right now?


Fair enough. I do think that the “easily hit 48” NSHSDad proposed is a stretch.


not really, a 1:50 guy who can split sub 50.00 is WAYYY more common than a 1:50 guy who can’t split sub 50.00


Brilliant deduction Watson


48 is not the same as running sub 50


nevermind… just… nevermind…