Apparently Dan Chenoweth is going to Madison for grad school and will be eligible for track in the spring.*** Boy if he had redshirted XC one year at Harvard, Mick Byrne and the Badgers would really be in the drivers seat right now.

***According to Inc.


IVY Leagues don’t redshirt… neither does Notre Dame


so untrue


While technically true for the Ivy league (no fifth year athletes competing for their teams), that doesn’t mean an Ivy athlete uses up eligibility if they miss a season due to injury or other reason. Chas Gillespie of New Trier ran for Harvard for 4 years, missed one cross country season, and then ran for William and Mary last year as a grad student.


Where are you getting your info on ND?


I know they don’t in football… I know they don’t in running unless they changed their rule. Any takers?


Returns to the Irish for a fifth season


from an old article i found (02-03)

Most college coaches publically acknowledge redshirting but not at Notre Dame. That’s because Notre Dame does not automatically give redshirted students permission to play. They can enroll for a fifth year, but to play they need permission from the Faculty Board on Athletics, which advises the president on educational issues related to athletics…
The 15-member board — consisting of elected and appointed faculty members from each college, the athletic director, a representative from the president’s office and the director of Academic Services for Student Athletes — recently formalized some of its requirements for fifth-year approval.
For one, a student athlete must carry at least nine course credits. In the past the board had the discretion to approve a class schedule of any size. Nine credits is still less than the minimum of 12 credits necessary to be considered a full-time student at Notre Dame and qualify for on-campus living. The typical Notre Dame student carries 15 credits per semester.

also from what i read you have to graduate, be accepted to grad school and be asked back by the coach (at least for football). They may not call it “redshirting” but that is basically what it is. ND just thinks they are intellectually superior to everyone else and too good for common demeaning terms such as “redshirting”.

I am pretty sure at least 1-2 of the trolls on here actually run for ND though so maybe they can answer that better.


thank you. ND was one of the schools I considered coming out of high school. I was told no red shirting back in 19??..


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