Change your Election:


So the idea of this thread is to make a theoretical proposal as to how you would change the way the elections are run in this country. Every system of governmental elections has flaws, so let’s be respectful of that. Here is one thing I would propose.

: While I generally am all for everyone’s right to vote, I’m starting to contemplate whether or not an upper age limit should be placed on voting.

Why not? They tell us we can’t vote till were 18 because were not mature enough/able to generally understand how our country is run. I’m finding that the majority of older seniors have this same problem. They’re just as ignorant and out of touch with the “real world” as any 16 year old really. Honestly, it’s really only fair anyway. Let the future generations of the country vote for their own future, not let a bunch of out-of-touch seniors make the decisions for them.

I’m 22.