Central Mass Indoor 2014


The season is underway. It looks like all of the leagues have run now (Inter High?). Anything interesting so far? Things to look forward to? Teams heading into Reggie this weekend?

On the girls side -
Alyssa Madden, an 8th grader, from Oakmont seems to be the real deal.

On the boys side -
Some nice early season times for Grant Hauver on CMass tracks. It will nice to be see him on a faster track!


Some things to watch as the season progresses:

Individual Boys:
55H: Jake Degrace (Lunenburg) vs Hunter Gray (Littleton)
300: Daniel Solano (W-C) vs. Hayden Gray (Littleton)
600: Austin Landress (Murdock)
1000: Capps Bros (Narragansett) vs the world
Mile/2Mile: Price Day (Bromfield) vs Jameson Koeman (W-C)

Teams to watch:
Oakmont vs Littleton
Hopedale vs W-C
Douglas + Auburn

Party Poopers:
Manuel + Pelkey - Murdock
Hoffman + McCauliff - Lunenburg

Individual Girls:
55/300: Alyssa Madden + Jessica Ciesluk (Oakmont)
600: Kaylin Ciesluck (Oakmont) vs Sarah Heitmeyer (Littleton)
1000/Mile: Rita Maurais (Hopedale) vs Gianna Mastromatteo (SPM)
Mile/2Mile: Brooke Hansel (Lunenburg) vs Makenzie Cyr (Douglas)
4x4/8: Littleton vs NDA + Douglas

Teams to Watch:
Oakmont vs Littleton
NDA, Auburn, Sutton, Northbridge, Douglas

Party Poopers:
Banda - Gardner
Johnston - Littleton
Levensailor + Peters - AS
Hunter - Bromfield

Slightly biased towards Mid Wach would love more input from SWCL + DVC people…


Mile/2Mile: Price Day (Bromfield) vs Jameson Koeman (W-C)


Day had a tough x-country season, so not sure Koeman is gonna have much competition, going by that. hope he does get back to it, cuz its fun to watch.

don’t think ever saw him run indoor, but Nick Steele (or at least someone with the exact same name and talent) ran BU mini-meet today, 9:01 in 3000m


He was coming back from a stress related injury early in the season, tough to overlook a 4:24/9:40 racer. Should be a good matchup come february if he stays healthy and gets back to consistent training.

Nick Steele doesn’t run indoors and trains/skis during the winter season. Looks like he got a good workout in at BU!


Day looks like he is certainly headed in right direction with a 4:36 mile yesterday


Top 6 finishes at Winter Festival

Small Girls

3 - Saralynn Spear BMR 7.74
4 - Krystal Thorpe Burncoat 7.79

3 - Liz Charity Sutton 43.7
6 - Sara Fagan Hudson 45.24

5 - Sarah Heitmeyer Littleton 1:41.7

1 - Gianna Mastromatteo SPM 2:56.34!!!
2 - Rita Maurais Hopedale 3:06.54

5 - Alana Johnston Littleton 5:33.97

Two Mile
1 - Felicia Banda Gardner 11:23.51
3 - Makenzie Cyr Douglas 11:36.51

2 - Sutton - 1:52.81
4 - Douglas - 1:55.88
6 - Burncoat - 1:56.54

1 - Marlborough - 4:17.29
3 - Fitchburg - 4:24.18
6 - Douglas - 4:27.74

3 - Auburn - 10:41.86

High Jump
1 - Olivia Reinold Sutton 5’4"
3 - Greta Watkins Sutton 5’2"
5 - Grace Turnbull Bromfield 5’0"

Long Jump
6 - Maddie Cotton NDA 15’11"

Shot Put
4 - Alyssa LaBrack Murdock 30’07.50"
5 - Jess Pittman Auburn 30’06.50"
6 - Molly Dewar Grafton 30’00.50"

Small Boys

2 - Niklas Myles Fitchburg 6.83
6 - Yulenny Ortiz Auburn 6.94

5 - Scott Williams Auburn 37.54
6 - Hayden Gray Littleton 37.75

1 - Rodney Agyare-May Burncoat 1:24.41

3 - Oren Dennett Westborough 2:43.21
5 - Joseph Savoie Hopedale 2:46.51
6 - Jordan Manuel Murdock 2:46.72

5 - Price Day Bromfield 4:36.66
6 - Adam Heislein Nashoba 4:38.23

Two Mile
1 - Andrew Doherty-Munro Hudson 10:01.55
2 - Yaroslav Borodenko Hopedale 10:14.00
3 - Brandon Hall Hopedale 10:17.52
4 - Tom Gannon Auburn 10:21.07
5 - John Atkninson Nashoba 10:29.61
6 - Tim Forrest Westborough 10:30.95

1 - Hunter Gray Littleton 8.06
5 - Dan Manoli Hopedale 8.51

2 - Littleton - 1:35.6
6 - Fitchburg - 1:38.86

1 - Hudson - 3:36.73
4 - BMR - 3:40.08

3 - Westborough - 8:47.48
4 - Hopedale - 8:57.87

High Jump
1 - Kevin Hack Nipmuc 6’4"
3 - Sam Dias Marlborough 5’10"

Long Jump
1 - Kurt Robakiewicz Nipmuc 21’02.25"
3 - Scott Williams Auburn 19’11.25"
5 - Matthew Bedard Hopedale 18’11.50"

Shot Put
1 - Leonardo Ramirez Fitchburg 55’00.00"
2 - Dillon Bruso Auburn 47’09.50"
6 - Javon Scarlett Marlborough 43’06.50"


Top 6 finishes at Winter Festival

Large Girls

4 - Victoria Steffon Wachusett 7.65

3 - Serena Hooker Algonquin 43.2

4 - Brianne Moss Shrewsbury 1:45.36

3 - Julia Carrier Shepherd Hill 5:28.56

Two Mile
2 - Angie Epplett Whitinsville Christian 12:49.57

5 - Shrewsbury - 4:32.74
6 - Doherty - 4:38.26

2 - Shepherd Hill - 10:22.99
4 - North Middlesex - 11:32.73
5 - Whitinsville Christian - 11:45.98

High Jump
3 - Caitlin Lynch Doherty 5’0"

Shot Put
6 - Amelia Hirtle Wachusett 30’04.50"

Large Boys

1 - Matt Jarrell SJ 6.74
6 - Tyler Zech North Middlesex 6.87

1 - David Cusack Wachusett 37.03
4 - Charlie Ritchie North Middlesex 37.76
5 - Anton Dotson North Middlesex 38.04
6 - Paul James Tantasqua 38.16

2 - Jacob Gore Algonquin 1:23.4
5 - James Route Wachusett 1:27.93

1 - Chris Skelly North Middlesex 2:40.39
4 - Jackson Ennis Saint John’s 2:42.27

Two Mile
1 - Jamison Koeman Whitinsville Christian 9:52.02
3 - CJ Paine Whitinsville Christian 10:06.40
6 - Joshua Newmark Shrewsbury 10:27.54

3 - North Middlesex - 1:37.72
5 - Saint Johns - 1:37.76
6 - Shrewsbury - 1:37.77

3 - Algonquin - 3:40.08
5 - Worcester Tech - 3:42.74
6 - Shrewsbury - 3:43.16

2 - Saint John’s - 8:25.62

High Jump
3 - Sam Allen Tantasqua 5’10"
3 - Tom Cimino Saint John’s 5’10"

Long Jump
6 - Dawson Ritchie Saint John’s 19’04.50"


On the boys side…

I think Auburn, Hopedale, and Littleton are the big guns.Tough to rule out Douglas and Sutton, though.

On the girls side…

I think it comes down to Sutton, Oakmont, and Littleton. Lunenburg, Douglas, and Uxbridge are lurking.

Is Groton-Dunstable D1 or D2 at Districts? First year indoor program. They would be a contender in D2 on boys and girls side.


Agreed G-D in D2 would throw a wrench into the mix, changes the dynamic considerably. It will be interesting to see who makes the most of the winter break, usually a defining “hump” in the middle of everyone’s season.


this thread has died down quite a bit so seeing if we can get it up and rolling again.

I know that weekly small track rankings/results get sent out around the leagues, does anyone know a way that these could be shared on the forum? After a few meets on flat/banked tracks the mile split rankings can get a bit murky.

Also wondering if anyone has some good conversion tables, to my knowledge I don’t think any have ever been made (or at least not shared)


D1 Girls is still about Wachusett. I think it could be wide open for 2nd place at Districts, as Algonquin does not seem to be as strong as usual. I would still give Algonquin the nod, but Shepherd Hill, Shrewsbury, Marlborough, and Groton-Dunstable are all in the mix.

D2 Girls seems to be all about Sutton. The sprinter/jumpers might just be too strong. I expect Oakmont will also be in the mix due to their elite performers at the top of events. Will Madden run the dash or 300? Littleton may have the most depth in the area (picked up a rare dual meet over Lunenburg).

D1 Boys would be about Saint Johns, but they do not have Districts on their schedule. Will other schools follow SJ’s lead and no show districts? Will the MIAA ever allow conversions? Favorite should be Wachusett if Hauver is healthy. They lost a close dual meet with Algonquin, but no Hauver is a key missing piece. Algonquin does have big performers though! Tantasqua is stronger than usual out of the SWCL, but probably not enough big performers to truly upset the big guns.

D2 Boys looks like it may come down to Auburn, Littleton, Oakmont, Hopedale, and Sutton. Hopedale could ride their distance runners, but the title will likely be decided on which team has key performances in High Jump and Shot Put. If that’s the case, Auburn may be the favorite.


Ladies D2 1000m could be a barn burner, I’m pretty confident Ari Lambie’s meet record of 2:56 will survive. Could be the closest people have been to it in a while though. Rita vs. Gianna for bragging rights

Hurdles its Gray vs DeGrace. They went head to head in their dual meet yesterday night and it went down to a judges call 8.0. It would be great to see one or two guys under 8.0 FAT from CMass again and they are two great competitors.


League Meets are all wrapped up and Districts is upon us! Going to be interesting to see how meet movements/reschedules and the snow potentially impacts performances for this meet.

Anyone know the deal with Worcester Technical? According to the seed list it looks as if they are pretty dominant but I have never seen/heard of any of these performances?

Would be a shame if these were unvalidated and unrealistic seed times as it would really screw with the heats and bump some deserving kids out of places that they should be.


Worcester Tech = Reggie times and/or yard times from South High.



They are Reggie times and they are bumping other athletes. It may be an honest mistake, but they should be called on it and reseeded.


Recently I collected all the results from the top 5 finishers in D1 & D2 at the District E Championships from 2001-2014, and their subsequent performances at State Class + All States at Reggie Lewis. I also used the data to make all-time performance lists for the District E Meet based off the last 14 years. I worked through to eliminate as many outliers as possible in order to come up with a somewhat viable Conversion Chart. Little too late for the go around this year but if anyone is involved and would like to use the information in the future feel free to DM me and I can figure a way to send it out.

Here is what I found:

Boys Average Conversions:
300: 1.36
600: 3.2
1000: 6.1
Mile: 10.7
2Mile: 16.2
4x200: 6.0
4x400m: 12.7

Girls Average Conversions:
300: 1.30
600: 3.5
1000: 6.4
Mile: 10.6
2Mile: 18.7
4x200: 4.8
4x400m: 13.9


I’m assuming these are meter to meter conversions? so it’s really a Central Mass track (150m track @ Fitchburg?) to the Reggie track conversion?

It’s interesting to say the least.

When you consider the yards to meter conversion there were some basic times that the MIAA used to differ yd to meters:
300y-300m: 4 sec
600y-600m: 10 sec
1000y-1000m: 20 sec

When the distances remained the same (like in the mile & 2 mile) there was no conversion!!! It was simply the .24 of hand time to f.a.t. time!

Which is a way of saying the distance one races mattes but the facility with which one races in does not!


I came up with very similar numbers. I do not have them at school, but I did similar work for Fitchburg, but accounted for outliers.

I presented this information to the State Meet directors last year, but was basically told by meet director that “most schools know they need to go to Reggie to run fast times”. This short-sighted view is what drives me crazy. I know some coaches that must pick and choose when they will go to Boston because their budget does not allow for these trips. Is it sad that the budgets are that tight? Yes, but it is a reality. The weekend trips are not always feasible.

I understand that a Central Mass 200m facility would be ideal, but I think implementing a conversion system is just a LITTLE less expensive…


What size tracks are you working with?
The NCAA used both past performance and statistical analysis to come up with their conversion factors. http://www.ustfccca.org/assets/NCAA-Indoor-Track-Size-Conversion-Charts.pdf

You may get closer to getting support if the conversions are limited to 200 meter flat floor converted to Reggie, rather than trying to get every different track location within the state. A bit harder, perhaps, as I am not sure if Smith and or Springfield College is available to all schools (and do you go down to Providence for Central MA?), but that might be an approach. I don’t know if there are any other 200 meter flat floor tracks that are open for high school use.

These issues are not just limited to schools out in Central and Western MA, but also to smaller schools on the South Shore. I did a list of qualifiers for the South Shore teams and the list was very restricted except for a couple of the schools coming up to Reggie for meets.

I think that as interest in indoor track builds in areas that are usually not sponsoring indoor track and field, the MIAA may have to do some more listening.