Can we merge the PG and Current Events?


It’s a lot simpler when they’re in the same forum.

Ya dig?




Why the **** not? I like talking about current events, and I like the BS of the PG, but it’s ****ing retarded to have them separate.


Hey Chris Diaz


Do you really want people like me to be posting in your serious discussion threads even more than I currently do?


I think it’s good to give DiscoGary his own forum to troll in so he isn’t polluting the PG.


Or me? I think the CE forum works well insulated a bit from us rowdy types.
Having to move to that section helps me change my mind set-it helps enable me to be reserved with the wiseassed comments- we need both the laughter and the thought provoking parts. I believe we are better served with the split forums.


No, I don’t dig.

The playground is for children. They always have been and always will be.

Current events thread is for the more mature posters who wish to have a give and take, back and forth dialoge without having the childish responses that a post will receive in the playground.

If you can’t understand the difference between the two then I suggest you stay on the teeter-totter or swing-set until your mature enough to grasp the difference.

Now go away and don’t come back until you grow up a bit!


Okay, geds.


I hope you’re not serious.


The only difference between 95% of DiscoGary’s posts and most of the posts in the PG is the word-count, and sometimes not even that.


Watch it! Don’t make me go to the playground to straighten out you kids.

The real reason that current events were separated from the playground was that Obama knew I had too much influence over the youngins when I was posting in the playground, so he forced the TT admin people to move my topics to a lower traffic area.

It’s on page 3428 of the Health Care Bill.