California and the 400m


Another Cali-ite 400m guy on another Olympic team. Bryshon Nellum the latest in a long line of great 400m guys from Cali HS’s. No state or country (other than the USA) compares to this…

San Bernadino JC…Tyree Washington
Hartnell JC…The Harrisons
San Jose State…Lee Evans, Tommie Smith
Stanford…Ben Eastman
U of San Francisco…Ollie Matson

Mike Larrabee
Quincy Watts
Erdesel Garrison
Billy Mullins
Bill Green
Lionel Larry


John Smith
Wayne Collett
Steve Lewis
Danny Everett
Maxie Parks
Benny Brown

What a shame Obea Moore couldn’t have ran for some Cali school. Then there was Jerry White from nearby Corcoran HS who was the top HS 400 sprinter in the nation in the 50’s, he never did much after HS…???

Ulis Williams…Arizona State, ran on a WR 4x4 team there with Henry Carr anchoring.

Larance Jones…NEMo