CA Jr Nico Young 3:48.74


Beat some collegians!




This 1500 converts to 4:07.04c for the full mile and 4:05.61c for the 1600. Good run for a junior!


I don’t think this guy is receiving enough attention. Here is an authentic interview by Rich Gonzalez of after his cross country win at CIF last fall.

A 3:48 as a junior and winning against collegians is actually quite impressive.


8:40.00 tonight to take down major players from around the US including Strangio, Bosley and Sprout


Nico Young is a beast! I really enjoy watching that kid run! It seems like he has a tremendously high pain threshold the second half of races. I watched him live last season take down the elite field at the Woodbridge Cross Country Classic in California.


Was it a 2 person race based on the final times or were a few of the other guys in the race and faded at the end? I didn’t watch the race as I fell asleep and just saw the results


It was a two man race at least the last 5 laps. Cole Sprout lead early and Nico Young went with him. The two built up a significant lead. Sprout was still leading with 400m to go. Drew Bosley was in the top nine 3/4th’s into the race and must have put in a huge last 800m to finish 3rd. It was hard to tell because the camera mainly focused on the leaders.