Bryan Clay


Clay will be doing the Drake Deca this weekend.

Assuming, Clay, Hardee and Eaton make it to the Trials healthy (Hardees’ elbow being a relative thing) then the decathlon is by far one of the most exciting events that will be in Eugene in my opinion. Three potential gold medalists on one squad - awesome.

The only other events I can think of where we could send 3 gold medal contenders would be: (not medalists, only gold)

Men’s Shot (Whiting, Cantwell, Hoffa, Nelson)
Men’s 400 hurdles (and this doesn’t seem as likely as in past years but it’s possible since no one internationally is really dominating either)
Men’s 400 (this is a big IF as well as it would mean Wariner returning to low 44s and another of our stable of fine runners getting there, too)
Men’s 110H (Oliver, Merritt, Richardson and several others could do it in a person situation)

A nice little piece on Clay: