Brooks PR Invitational - 02/24/2013


It looks like WI will be represented on the Boys side with Brad Johnson in the 800 and Ryan Kromer in the Mile. Fields are loaded.

This is going to kick off a ‘Big Year’…


Peculiar that Carl Hirsch wasn’t invited…


He is on the sheet…


Ryan Kromer now in the 2 Mile.


He wasn’t earlier… :slight_smile:


I know these three read the boards so if your goals are higher than this don’t be offended. It’s not that I think you can’t run FASTER, because I definitely do, it’s just the Brooks PR meet is a rust buster as much as it is an elite meet. Hopefully each of you are focusing on June with your training.

  • Brad Johnson will 1:53.7-1:54.2
  • Carl Hirsch will run 4:15-6 for a full mile
  • Ryan Kromer will run 9:16-17 for a full two miles


So what would good times be for Johnson, Hirsch and Kromer? What’s a reasonable goal for place? Top half?


Tyler Smith Wetaskiwin ALB SR.
Tre’tez Kinnaird Louisville KY SR.
Andres Arroyo Orlando FL SR.
Amos Bartelsmeyer St. Louis MO SR.
Brett Moulten Corona CA SR.
Jacob Dumford Westerville OH SR.
Ricky Faure Rock Springs WY JR.
Donnie Lee Jr.Northport AL SR.
Brad Johnson Brookfield WI SR.
Adel Yoonis MariettaGASR.
Cody Johson Felton CAS R.
Charles Jone St. Louis MO JR.


Jacob Burcham Ona WV SR.
Carl Hirsch Brookfield WI SR.
Ryan Silva Tucson AZ SR.
Trevor Gilley Ft. Worth TX SR.
Chris Marco Toms River NJ SR.
Patrick Gibson Bellingham WA SR.
Conner Mora Cedar Springs MI SR.
Brock Baker Murfeesboro TNS R.
Joe Hardy Seattle WA JR.
Keith Williams Spokane WA SR.
Jean Baptiste Tooley Portland OR SO.
Sumner Goodwin Spokane WA SR.
Robert Domanic Carrollton TX SR.

2 Mile

Bakri Abushouk Cary NC SR.
Bernie Montoya Yuma AZ SR.
Andrew Gardner Spokane WA SR.
Zack Perrin Flathead MT SR.
Blake Haney Bakersfield CA JR.
Jacob Thomson Louisville KY SR.
Troy Fraley Kalispell MT SR.
Sam Wharton Tipp City OH SR.
Aaron Templeton Knoxville TN JR.
Alex Riba O’Fallon IL SR.
Taylor Wilmot Spokane WAJ R.
Ryan Kromer Hudson WI SR.
Bryan Fernandez Goleta CA SR.
Joe Sansone Southlake TX SR.
Patrick Perrier O’Fallon IL JR.
Estevan De La Rosa Arcadia CA JR.
Jake Leingang Bismarck ND SR


Those would be fantastic times for this time of the year. No one remembers February races at the State Meet, but will remember the State Meet forever.


Converted to Central Time:
5:30 PM Girls 60m Hurdles Prelims
5:40 PM Boys 60m Hurdles Prelims
5:50 PM Girls 60m Dash Prelims
6:00 PM Boys 60m Dash Prelims
6:15 PM Girls 2 Mile Run Final
6:30 PM Boys 2 Mile Run Final
6:45 PM 2 Mile Awards
6:50 PM Girls 400m Dash Final
6:55 PM Boys 400m Dash Final
7:05 PM 400m Dash Awards
7:10 PM Girls 60m Hurdles Finals
7:15 PM Boys 60m Hurdles Finals
7:25 PM 60m Hurdles Awards
7:30 PM Girls 800m Dash Final
7:40 PM Boys 800m Dash Final
8:00 PM 800m Awards
8:05 PM Girls 60m Dash Final
8:10 PM Boys 60m Dash Final
8:20 PM 60m Dash Awards
8:25 PM Girls 1 Mile Run Final
8:35 PM Boys 1 Mile Run Final
8:45 PM Mile Awards

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looks like Hirsch was having some fun yesterday…
Red hoodie, 12 seconds in, next to the slingshot thingy


9:15ish for Kromer i believe…


Couldn’t tell quite which yellow man crossing was Ryan, but it would seem to be 9:16 or 18ish. Well done Kromer yet again! Looking forward to this track season for sure.

edit: Good thing someone’s on top of things. Getting slower with age haha.


1 Montoya, Bernie Yuma, AZ 8:54.63
2 Thomson, Jacob Louisville, KY 8:54.88
3 Leingang, Jake Bismarck, ND 8:56.86
4 Gardner, Andrew Spokeane, WA 9:06.52
5 Perrin, Zack Flathead, MT 9:07.91
6 Hanney, Blake Bafersfield, CA 9:08.28
7 Templeton, Aaron Knoxville, TN 9:08.45
8 Abushouk, Bakri Cary, NC 9:08.89
9 Sansone, Joe Ft. Worth, TX 9:09.24
10 Willmot, Taylor Spokane, WA 9:09.58
11 DE LA Rosa, Estevan Arcadia, CA 9:15.29
12 Fraley, Troy Kalispell, MT 9:16.01
13 Kromer, Ryan Hudson, WI 9:17.34
14 Wharton, Sam Tipp City, OH 9:17.42
15 Fernandez, Bryan Goleta, CA 9:20.01
16 Perrier, Patrick O’Fallon, IL 9:25.34
17 Riba, Alex O’Fallon, IL 9:36.04


Kromer 13th at 9:17.34. Montoya the winner at 8:54.63.


That’s a good effort. It means Kromer ran about even splits.

9:17.34 = 9:14.11y = PR for Ryan


Agreed, especially given the fact that most of these kids started their indoor track season a month or two ago.


Rumors that Hirsch ran 4:15 in a time trial two weeks ago. I bet he will be ready for tonight!


Like who?
You dont need to make the guys above Kromer look not as good. He ran great. So did the other guys. Kromers been training a month or two ago as well.

We dont need excuses


Wow. This is why I rarely post here. Get attacked for complimenting someone. I don’t recall saying anything derogatory regarding any other competitor. Was merely agreeing with Zen saying that Kromer deserves kudos for his effort.


I read it differently. Lol im not attacking you. Dont worry