Brief Half time review 4x400 and 4x800


If4x400. Last year was a modestly down year in the 4x400 compared to recent blazing years (other than oak creeks fine state meet performance) but as we stand with one indoor meet to go the top time in the state in the 4x400 of roughly 3:33.98 dc everest (source: milesplit and i haven’t worked hard to verify) would rank a distant 8th after last indoor season so this event is off to a very slow start. Arrowhead and oak creek have solid anchors as does Bradford and Franklin. Tosa east has a lot of good athletes and I believe one of their best chase Roberts seemed to start the season slow probably due to a minor injury but as he comes on now perhaps they will get it together. Will see if TFA improves these times dramatically this weekend.

In the 4x800 we saw an exciting duel between Neenah Brookfield east and Middleton at Madison west relays. Should we be asking ourselves can Middleton break the state record if they run madoch, leffel, Easton and Gilles. The reality is that 4some if healthy could run at least 7:45. If Middleton doesn’t run Easton can they win anyway? Perhaps although I think there are many squads on the radar and off the radar that could run with them. Some off the radar sub 7:55 candidates include tosa east, Kenosha Bradford and Green Bay Preble has a ton of depth in the race as I see 2 quarter milers that can maybe push 2 flat due to strength, 2 half milers that ran well indoors and can break 2 outdoors and than 2 milers that will both have a shot at sub 4:22 this year in the mile and can likely lead to a sub 2 800 at least in a relay setting at state. Spash if I looked hard enough is probably similar with a potential top anchor in Franz. Preble is in the mix in the 4x400 as well so they will need to pick their poison. Lastly Bradford had a junior open the season in 2:01 beating potter, they also have a solid miler and Ethan king has run 51 flat indoors. They could throw a team together that could surprise. Tosa East is also off the radar but has the combination of 400 meter 800 meter and distance guys to make a run at the medal if they choose to load up the race. There are some potential 1:52 or better guys this year such as potter ellenburg and bosley who wouldn’t be hard to build around. That’s probably not happening but not worth previewing too much until we see where teams and athletes are focusing on in May. Anyone have any other dark horse teams that could surprise? Would love to hear your thoughts on the 4x400 and 4x800. Maybe Janesville or case or Franklin or oconomowoc or arrowhead have surprises in store for us, maybe Madison west is playing possum, who has a scoop or mid season projection to share???