Brianna Gess 2:12.45



8th-grader at Haddonfield

wow … not sure what to make of this


Roob, How about Haddonfield MS 's top 4 running about 9:38 4x8 from the times in this race. Wow.


1 524 Gess, Brianna Haddonfield Midd 2:12.45 2
2 522 Bonnette, Kaitlin Haddonfield Midd 2:20.47 2
3 732 Merkh, Annika Rhorer Middle 2:25.31 2
4 528 Neveling, Abby Haddonfield Midd 2:32.91 2
5 520 Barranger, Nicolet Haddonfield Midd 2:33.83

9:39.66 with four eighth-graders?


wonder if Annika Merkh is related to former Holy Cross XC Wayne Merkh, who was coach when H.C. was second in the M-of-C


Based on this morning’s Star Ledger, this girl’s time is faster than the top girls NJ HS time so far this season. Reminds me of when my brother told me about this girl from Haddonfield who ran 5:05 in 8th grade, a few years back… we all know how that turned out. I wonder if she throws the javelin, too?


Fom Philly paper in March. Hope she stays healthly and keeps the Mary Cain unaffected “gosh this is fun” attitude.

When Briana Gess of Haddonfield was 4 years old, she decided she was over riding in her parents’ jogging stroller. They competed in local road races, usually with their daughter in front.

Her protests grew so loud that her father let her out of the stroller during a 5K, figuring she’d run for a bit then want to get back in.
That never happened. She finished the race on her own.

“I’ve liked it ever since,” said Gess, 14, chatting in the Saxbys Coffee in downtown Haddonfield. Dressed in a white T-shirt and black running shorts, with four hair bands around her wrists and long, wavy hair in a side ponytail, she doesn’t look much different from other teenagers hanging around Kings Highway.

But in running she’s a standout, and saying she’s good is an understatement. At 11, she won an AAU cross country national championship. At 13, with a time of 17 minutes, 27 seconds, Gess was the fourth female overall in the 2012 Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K, which is one of the most competitive races in the region. Her record time in the 800 meters is 2 minutes, 13 seconds. Her best mile is 4:58.

“We knew from an early age that running came easy. It always seemed effortless to her,” said Pamela Gess, Briana’s mother. She and her husband are teachers at Haddon Township High School. “When she started beating us before she hit double digits, we knew.”

Briana and her parents (Pamela ran in college, and her father played soccer) take a come-as-it-may approach to training. Briana never runs more than 25 miles a week, and it isn’t a year-round sport. Right now, she’s playing basketball. In the spring, she’ll run for Haddonfield Middle School. When she’s a freshman at Haddonfield High next year, she plans to run cross-country and spring track but stick with basketball in the winter.

While other tweens and teens have made headlines for running marathons, her longest race has been the 2011 Mayor’s Labor Day Race in Ocean City, N.J., a 5-mile beach run. She finished 10th overall and second female. Last year, she ran the 5K and finished fifth overall, first female.

“I just like running because you can forget about all the stress of school for a little bit of time,” she said. “You always feel better after you run.”


Milesplit has top HS time this year as 2:13.65 :eek:


Gess ran 4:57.12 tonight

also 1:02.17 in the 400

and a leg on the winning 4-by-1

I heard she’s going to CBA next year!


I am just “guessing” (haha) that the boy’s winner may be her brother…who she still beat…

  1. Gess, Derek Haddonfield Midd 4:58.17 2


Weren’t there a couple of very good male runners from Haddonfield with the last name of Bonnette? Brenton current coaches at Paul VI.


Yes. They are siblings. I believe that Derek is a 7th grader.


Derek is only a 6th grader