BRC Summer Long Run #3! July 22


We’ll be there. Will you? We’ve had record turnouts for the first two long runs. Can we officially call them a NJ tradition yet? as always, everyone is welcome. We will make sure you find the right group and we will have water and Gatorade and watermelon and bagels and bananas and all that other good stuff as well. Feel free to add to the riches of food and drink if you want. See everyone tomorrow. Go here for more info


118 Days 'til MOC
See you tomorrow!


For those of you who have never been to a BRC Sunday long run, make it a point to get to one before the Summer ends. Tons of kids there today, and you can run as long or short or as fast or slow as you like, as there are plenty of groups and sub groups from which to choose. Both genders were well represented, and there were some pretty big names there, including Megan Venables and Rich Kenah, who if you are not familar was a bronze medalist in the 800 in the 1997 WC and sits #4 all-time on the U.S. 800 list at I believe 1:43.34, right in front of Mr. Solomon’s bomb from Friday. It also seems like more of the parents are getting in the act while waiting for their kids to finish, so kudos to Chris and Sean for creating and maintaining a rapidly developing running event for NJ Runners.


Thank you Mr. Byrne. It was a great day yesterday. We had over 200 runners hit the trails with us. Well, not with us. We stood around. I hope we can get even more these last 3 weeks. Pretty cool how they have become a staple for so many. Seems like everyone is having a great time and getting in a terrific run at Holmdel Park. Thank you especially to the coaches and parents who make sure their kids have the chance to get in a great long run each weekend. I’m looking forward to next Sunday already.