Brandon Miller 1:49.87 freshman


Nothing more to say. Amazing. Amazing for a sophmore junior and senior too but he is a freaking freshman. And he was nursing a tight hamstring the day before while cruising a 4:02 1500 im sure it didn’t get better overnight


I wish there was a video not on lockdown. This is Michael Granville huge.


Welcome back: After not running cross country this year (as far as I know) and not running indoor track, Brandon Miller opens up his season right before May 1 and drops a 1:52.6 solo to let the rest of the nation know he is still around. He is probably focused on a long outdoors season into the summer meets where I’m sure he plans on smashing 1:50 as a sophomore. I’ve been waiting to see a time I’m glad the young kid is Healthy but he looks ok and has just been lurking around for his time to begin to shine. One solo race and already top sophmore 800 time in the nation and 13th overall. Decent open I would say


How fast did Michael Granville go as a freshman and what is the national freshman record if it is not held by him?


I think Brandon Miller has the freshman record with that time above, not sure how fast Granville went as a freshman. I know he broker George Kersh record (who suffered some heart breaks in his life including 4th in the trials and losing his daughter at a young age). Kersh ran 1:46s so I’m assuming without looking it up Granville ran 1:45s?


@zen Quoting someone else who supposedly did the work on the web Granville progression was 1:51 as a freshman, 1:48.98 as a sophmore, 1:47.96 as a junior and as a senior bested George Kersh record by running 1:46.45. Found on some old track and field forum using google. His pr at UCLA was 1:47.9 but he ran some good relays and reasonable 400s hardly a bust but obviously no progression.


After opening up the track season about 6 weeks ago Brandon ran a 1:51.8 at sectionals. He will be running the 1600/800/4x400 at state. Despite running 47s as a freshman I see no open 400s this track season yet. I find the 1600 surprising because his track season has been short (not sure if by choice or injury) so not sure if he was in shape over the winter or not and I don’t believe he ran cross country this year (he ran as a freshman cross) but I am excited to see what kind of 1600 time he will run at the state meet as he has shown excellent ability in that race as well. He has run 4:23s this year but in the right race could see a sub 4:15 at state I’m guessing maybe even 4:11-4:13 if he throws down the kick in the final 300’ meters and is in the race


1:49.5 at his state meet. Ridiculous solo effort. He also won the 1600 easily but because it wasn’t a fast race he ran only 4:23. Would love to see him in a more competitive 1600 to see what he can run. The second best sophmore from cold and windy Minnesota ran 1:52.1 already at conference and could break 1:50 by the time they get to state. The third best from Georgia also ran 1:52s and has gone 4:12 in the 1600. Ohio has a great sophmore as well in Malachi mcgill and although he has only run 1:54 so far if he is healthy expect him to potentially break 1:50 at state after winning last year as a freshman. He will need to this year as Ohio is loaded in the 800


Brandon Miller opens up the season with an easy 47.4 400 meters and has run in the long jump going 19’3. How many 800s will he need to run to break 1:50 this year. Maybe one although that’s a hard race to run without competition