Brain Rhythms linked to Running Speed


For science nerds:


It seems like there hasn’t been much link to endurance running. Of course, mice are not endurance creatures so I suppose that would not be possible but I think it would be an interesting direction to go as opposed to looking at “speed”.


someone correct me if i’m wrong (i didn’t really read the article) but i’m pretty sure the idea is that the faster you are moving the faster you’re going to have to be able to process, react to, and learn from stimuli. individuals whose gamma rhythms get stronger as they move faster would have obvious evolutionary advantages. think about what it’s like to go sprinting along a rough, winding, wooded trail… you can almost feel your brain working faster to process stuff so you don’t end up with your face buried in a tree trunk. with that in mind, i don’t see why “endurance running” would have anything to do with it since there’s no need to be processing stuff so fast if you aren’t moving so fast.


I agree with crystazul. I would be interested to see what their studies yeild if the same experiment was performed while observing human gamma brain waves. This could also have some connection as to how other studies have found that music helps to stimulate brain function. I’ll try to find a link. Overall, pretty cool stuff.


I’m not referring to gamma rhythms only, I was referring to rhythms in general. That is, other changes we can see in the brain for long-distance athletes as it relates to larger-picture brain functioning.

Going by your understanding, an interesting application would be elite trail runners, obviously running fast, and obviously having to focus on their environment more than anyone else.


I wonder if this effect is amplified when traveling in a vehicle. Probably.


Explains why the faster I got in HS the better my grades became :stuck_out_tongue: