Boys Cross Country 2014


It’s early (not as early as last year) but let’s start this up now. There are some clear favorites among the individual runners, but the team race seems wide open. Can York make it to the medal stand after the loss of Mroz, Bashqawi and Mattes?



I’ve thought up of a few teams that could contend for top 3, no particular order yet…

Sandburg: They return five of their top 7, also throw in some guys who had some decent success this track season (Gleisner, Walter, Skucas, etc.), and you have what I would consider the team favorite.

New Trier: Despite losing their top 2, I think New Trier will have another solid year. Although their #1 returner from XC (Tarek Afifi) has had some injury problems, they may have a surprise front runner in Josh Rosenkranz, who’s already run 9:25.

York: York is going to have to work at getting a medal this season. Plowman’s already broken 4:10 for the Mile, and hopefully he can remain consistent throughout, which he’s had trouble doing the past couple of years. They have some solid incoming juniors, but I don’t think they’re talented enough quite yet to make York a lock for the top 3.

Hinsdale Central: Okay, I’m a bit biased on this one, but I definitely see a lot of potential in this team. They return four of their top 8 from last year, as well as their most likely #5 runner with a 9:41 3200 time.

Neuqua Valley: Neuqua was dealt a crushing blow last year when their #2 returner Connor Horn suffered a stress fracture that kept him out for the whole season. Luckily, he’ll be back again for the upcoming season and should be their top guy. Michael Widmann also had a solid year running 9:28 for the 3200, as well as their #1 returner from last season Daniel Weiss (4:23 1600)

Buffalo Grove: Return everyone from last year’s team except Steven Salvano. Their #1 runner, Kevin Salvano, should be a favorite to be in the top 15 or so. Also, I think they’ll be getting a solid incoming freshman next year, Mitchell Guittar (could someone verify this?).

Some other teams to watch for will be: Loyola Academy, Naperville North, Lyons Township, O’Fallon, and LW Central


Can’t verify BGHS for sure, but his middle school feeds into Buffalo Grove and Wheeling High, so it depends upon where he lives. As you say, he’s solid, placing second at the IESA state XC meet last October (2 mile/10:28) and 4th in the 1600 a few weeks ago (4:41.87).

A total of 28 8th grade boys went under 5:00 at the meet this year; the most in the last ten years. Even the 5:10-5:15 kids are ones to watch (e.g. Jesse Reiser ran 5:10.09 in the meet in 2011 as an 8th grader).


He will be attending Buffalo Grove High School.


In regards to New Trier, Rosenkranz is a very good runner, but I think either Om kamwar, litowitz, or ted oh will be their top runner. I do think they will trophy with one of the better packs I’ve seen in recent years. Their 1-5 split should be very small on a team with a lot of depth.


The Niles West Sectional looks like it’ll be pretty tough as usual. New Trier’s pack looks very capable of defending their sectional championship but York will certainly have a team capable of challenging and Loyola might be able to as well. Other teams to watch are Lane Tech, Ignatius and Fenwick (are they still 3A?), and Glenbard West.


This has yet to be determined. There has been a lot of hoopla over the division placement of some private schools for next year and it may be a while before we know anything.


This, I believe, would also be the determinant of where Jones College Prep goes. They are going to be close to the cutoff and could potentially be 3A. 4th in 2A last year and looks like they really only lose their #1


I forgot about Maine South.


Bad mistake


I’m crunching the numbers right now and I’m nowhere near being done but so far, I’ll say this: Hinsdale Central looks very deep, better than I thought at first. I count 7, maybe 8 guys who have run 10:00 or under. That’s pretty impressive… especially considering how much they graduated this year.


I’m too lazy to post anything but the top three teams as of now in my book.
1)Nequa Valley
2 (15:08) Connor Horn (SO) 9:39.8 5/3 - Red Ribbon Inv
3 (15:34) Michael Widmann (JR) 9:28
4 (15:45)Grayson Jenkins (JR) 9:32
5 (15:06)Daniel Weiss (JR) 9:45.12 3/1 - Thornwood Boys Open
6 (15:38) Jakw McIneaney (FR) 10:04.4 3/1 - Thornwood Boys Open
7 (16:21) Vishy Singh (SO) 10:07.8 4/19 - Metea Val Inv
8 (15:55) Matt Horsley (JR) 10:08.7 3/1 - Thornwood Boys
This is the 3200 meter list taken right off Dyetstat. That is a dangerous group right there. One question I have is will Ty Moss do cross country this year? If so, this will be the team to beat.
2.) Sandburg
I do not see too many stellar 3200 or 1600 performances from this team during the track season. It seems to met they focused on the 800 for that great 4 by 8 team they had. Regardless, this team returns most from last years team and should be a dangerous team.
15:06.58 Torpy, Sean
15:07.00 Burzinski, Greg
15:13.00 Brennan, Tom
15:27.00 Torpy, Chris
15:35.87 Laskero, Dan
15:38.79 Lehnhardt, Max
3.) Hinsdale Central
-This team will be dangerous. They can very well repeat this year. As 40063 mentioned they are incredibly deep and also may have the firepower up front to win in at all.
Alex Domiano (JR) 9:29 (15:29)
Josh Feldman (JR) 9:41(15:46)
Matt McBrien (JR) 9:47.4(15:22)
Blake Evertsen (FR) 9:49.24(14:56)
Andrew Irvine (SO) 9:52.90 (16:10)
Nick Tandle (JR) 9:54.3 (17:04) -I think this kid may have a breakout cc season
-I’ll post another one later with other top ten teams


Zach Dale just ran 14:29.95 in the 5k for 3rd place at New Balance… wow. That’s just .75 seconds off of what Keelan ran there last year. He’s had an incredible postseason so far, breaking 4:10 for the full mile and now this, I’m definitely impressed with how long he’s been able to run at this form.

I had Reiser pegged for the favorite in the fall but man, Dale looks good and I hope it’s as close as a matchup as possible.


What do they run in November?


They run this show


Neuqua loses Grayson Jenkins to a team in Indiana… (Carmel) per twitter. Big loss for them but I’m sure they will have someone step up.


Correct… it makes the Carmel/Neuqua Valley match up at NXN Regionals in November an interesting one for sure.


Well, whatever changes occur, it won’t be relevant until 2015; either yesterday or two days ago the IHSA announced they are postponing that decision until then, so everyone stays put… for now.


Jones is expanding in enrollment and with the multiplier still in effect will almost certainly be 3A next year in XC. The pushing off of the new policies actually screws them in track as they would not have been multiplied and would have gone back down to 2A.

They will be expanding to 1800 students in a few years so they will eventually be 3A no matter what, so really it just denies them one year’s opportunity to compete in 2A.


Classifications are out:

Jones moves to 3A for XC
Yorkville stays in 2A