Boys AA CC Rankings 10-11


1 Wayzata
2 Eden Prairie,
3 Edina,
4 Rosemount,
5 Stillwater,
6 Moorhead,
7 Burnsville,
8 Minnetonka,
9 Owatonna
10 White Bear Lake,
11 Andover
12 Roseville
votes Eastview
votes Hopkins,

1 Aaron Bartnik, Eden Prairie
2 Adam Zutz, St. Francis
3 Cole O’Brien, Burnsville
4 Lukas Gemar, Moorhead
5 Mohamed Mohamed, Eden Prairie
6 Josh Thorson, Wayzata
7 Steve Dado, Totino Grace
8 Kyle Bratrud, EP
9 Bryant Blahnik, Redwing
10 Shane McCallum, Rosemount
11 Mark Harries, Wayzata
12 Christian Skaret, Minnetonka
votes Trent Lusignan, Shakopee
votes Tom Linner, Stillwater


Nice rankings. Can’t say I really disagree with anything here. I really like Rosemount jumping Stillwater; they have just been running out of thier mind so far this season, and I think they will only get better (no disrespect to Stillwater). I also like Moorhead getting bumped back up to #6; I’ve always felt that Moorhead has always been underrated all season (albiet not unjustifiably).

If there is anything, it is Bratrud at #8. He ran a great race at the Victoria Lions Invite, but he beat people in that race that he normally wouldn’t beat, and he has never been truely considered a top-ten talent this season (although people have certainly thought about him all season). So, that is a little iffy, not not unjustifiable.

Overall very solid rankings.


Why is white bear ranked so low?


This is why…

I think they were missing someone, but nevertheless they lost pretty handily to Andover anyways…


I agree with 14.90 here on Rosemount. They gradually get better every meet. Even their JV guys seem to improve a considerable amount relative to the competition. The fact Owatonna moved up a spot after being drilled by Rosemount on Owatonna’s home course indicates the coaches must think Rosemount is improving.

Stillwater bounced back nicely from the Chaska meet with their typical showing in Alexandria. They can still be a factor with the emergence of Colvin joining Linner and Hall.

Not really sold on Moorhead, but with 2 solid frontrunners they have a nice team. Their 3-5 is a little too far back right now.

Whether any of these 3 teams can contend with Wayzata, Eden Prairie, or Edina remains to be seen. Without re-alignment before the 2007 season, 8 of the top 14 ranked teams (12 ranked + the only 2 with votes) this season would all be in 6AA.


Senior Matt Meuwissen is pretty important for White Bear Lake’s success.


Andover’s about to see what time it is.


ya missing him probably cost them around 40 points if they would’ve had him it would’ve been a lot closer


40 points is impossible seeing as their 5th was 35th. 30 is the max (and that’s if he beats Zutz, ha) and White Bear is still handled by Andover. Unless you are assuming that his whole team is going to run better in his presence. That could go the opposite way to, maybe they stepped it up in his absence.


Mounds View makes 5AA an interesting contest. Andover and Maple Grove appear to be favored, but the Mustangs are lingering. Add Michael Hoff from the JH race at Alex and Mounds View is ranked this week.


jeez dude no need to get overly technical it was just a rough estimate and if their 5th guy was 35th then wouldn’t the max be a 35 point difference? I never said White Bear would have won if they had matt, all I said is it would’ve been a lot closer then 50 points judging by the results it could’ve been more like a 20-25 point difference between the two teams now I don’t know enough about White Bear to say this for sure but I bet one of their runners had an off day because they usually have more then 2 guys under 17 (including matt) so if one of their runners had bad race and cost them 10 points that would’ve made it even closer but again I’m not saying they would’ve won.


A bad rough estimate:confused: and no it would be 35 because he bumps all his teammates back a point too :o and usually a runner or two from every team in any race has an “off” day.


Where was Gemar in Moorhead’s last race, was he resting? I didn’t see him in the results.


It was asked why White Bear was ranked so low when in fact they aren’t ranked low enough. They would have lost to Andover even if at full strength and they are ahead of them!


What was thier last race?


They raced three times in eight days so I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t raced since. Correct me if I’m wrong but Willmar was last and he won by a good margin.


Moorheads last race was the Yellow Jacket CC Harrier Classic. Seems like they didn’t need him as they placed 4 in the top 10, and Christian Larson their 3rd runner (when Gemar runs) stepped it up. Although Ellingson ran all three races in the last eight days (Yellow Jacket, Willmar, and Fergus Falls).


Top four were all under 17:00 without Gemar. With him would be five. Not too bad. And Glen Ellingson really is starting to look like an elite runner. I can’t wait to see how they do at State.

That said, I dont know why Gemar didn’t run. I sure hope nothing happened. It would be a great pity, especially because he is the outstate’s best chance at a State title in AA (sorry Blahnik).


Looks like it was time for them to beat Maple Grove, mgcc, you are a d bag!