Boston 2013


Obviously everyone has heard about the terrible tragedy at the Boston Marathon this year. I will say that this one hits really close to home, since I know a number of people who ran the race this year, and since my wife and I almost went out there this year. It is very easy to envision a scenario where I could have been the one standing where the bombs went off.

Life is short. Live with no regrets. Tell those you love that you love them.


I feel the same way, as I’m sure a lot of us do.

My plan was to qualify for Boston this year at TC last year, but I dinged up an ankle at the end of August and wasn’t able to get healthy in time for the race…

Yesterday’s events just strengthened my desire to be on the start line in Hopkinton next year.


Boston is on my short list as well. I have to actually finish a marathon first to get there. It would play into the desires of the terrorist if the race was smaller next year.


I am hearing rumors that they are not going to cap it next year – if you have a qualifying time, you can run…


Do they accept 50k conversions? I’m running one of those next weekend.

I wonder if that would be the biggest marathon ever??


No conversions…

If they let in everyone that qualifies, I am guessing it will be huge. The logistics would really be something. I think they might have to add a few more waves.


I am going for my Boston Qualifier in less than 3 weeks at Fargo. Not going to be easy (weather is always a huge factor), but I badly want to run there next year.


Good luck to you!!!