Bolt has a video game App


He may not be at 100% fitness but his animated self is healthy and trying to drum up publicity all the same.!/id539693368


I downloaded it a couple of days ago, played it twice and deleted it. Even for free it wasn’t worth the space on my phone . . .

Now Playman “Track and Field” is a totally different story :smiley:


I made a track & field game. Oh yeah, back before video games. I made a 4 lane 440 yard track (also back before meters). You rolled the dice and moved. If you rolled a one you got another tune. I used Monopoly pieces as my athletes…haha! The field events had a distance to match the numbers. I’d use three dice there, One a red one which only came into play if I rolled three sixs. 18 was the WR. It was fun making the game it took me about a week. When the game was finished, I was all excited about playing. That lasted a few rolls of the dice, talk about sucking:rolleyes: