Birmingham July 10


Men’s 5K seems to include Krumm as the pacemaker?? No season’s best time or PB is listed. Sure would be interesting if he moved up.

5K has Alamirew, Mo Farah, Gebremeskel, Merga, Rupp, Curtis and Mottram (plus some other 13:00 to 13:10 guys).

Men’s 100 is showing a slew of guys since there are heats: Powell, Rodgers, Frater, Collins, Nesta Carter, Kimmons, Lewis Francis, Thompson, Phiri, Bledman.

Men’s 800 has the return of Kaki against Laalou, Lewandowski, Rimmer and Wills.

Women’s 1500 continues to put forth stellar fields this one including: Burka, Jamal, Uceny, Wurth Thomas, Gezahegne, Dobriskey, Clitheroe, England. Will be interesting to see what Uceny does after her rather shocking (and decisive last win).

Women’s 400 could be a barnburner although apparently weather forecasts are not promising. The slowest season’s best in the field is 50.84. The field: Dunn, McCorory, Cox, Montsho, Richards-Ross, Whyte, Williams-Mills and Scerbova-Rosobova. I wonder what the record is for most hyphenated names in a field is . . .

Men’s 400H is stellar as usual: Jackson, Culson, Greene, Dutch, Gordon, Tinsley and Felix Sanchez!

And finally the usual crew in the shot (do these guys simply travel together in the Mystery Machine or something??): Cantwell, Hoffa, Nelson, Majewski, Whiting, Armstrong and Taylor.


Moved up to what? Up a distance in pacemaking?

He hasn’t run a relevant race in 5 years.


I’ve never seen him pace a 5K. 8s and 15s only . . . how far is he supposed to take 'em??

It is a shame he never really continued to bloom after his indoor gold at 800 over Kipketer and his 1:43.9/ 3:31.9 season.

Darn good pacer though.


krummenacker is an excellent rabbitt but I would be surprised if he went more than 1K, wouldn’t everyone else be surprised as well?

I mean I do not think he has gone further than that in years?

As GTK said quite accurately, he has not done very far in many years on the track


People get better for a while, have their best year(s), then get worse. Everyone goes through some variation of this pattern. There’s nothing shameful about it, it’s just how it goes. Not sure why there’s consistently a rending of clothes here whenever somebody hits their potential or thereabouts (especially at 27-28, like Krummenacker).


I’m jewish, totally had to google that one. I guess I learned something today.

Anyways, yes I agree w/ Ortho. He seems to be doing just fine. I mean, hell. I’d LOVE to be paid to fly around the world to amazing locations simply to run 400m here or 1k there at a pace I’m SO comfortable with I can hit it on the nose day-in-day-out.

Plus after he steps off he gets a front row seat to watch the race unfold. Primo.


I agree that he has a great job. I just would have loved to have seen his peak last a little longer. His 1500 pr turned out to be an outlier when at the time it seemed like it could be an indicator of things to come . . .


So . . . my burning questions:

Is Kaki healthy and with Laalou showing nice form in Paris could he perhaps push Kaki a bit (if Kaki is ready to be pushed?)

Seems a given that Alamirew and Mo can break 13 . . . can Rupp finally?

Will Sanya continue her improvement. She’s down to 50.61. Amazingly even with her off form the number of women who have run faster than her at this point . . . 5. I’m not sure she’s ready to slice off enough to break 50 but I’m hoping for at least around 50.2ish.

Who comes out on top in the triple? Tamgho or Idowu?


No Live feed from Universal Sports today?

No where to watch other than a BBC feed I cannot get?


This doesn’t look free but it looks likes it starts soon:


the stream cuts out every few minutes, just press play and it’ll start right back up… not english commentating but it’s someplace to watch for free

also, this track has the water barrier for steeple on the outside… wtf england? :confused:

edit - link 2 seems a lot better, it’s clearer and less freezey


also there is an absolutely ridiculous red dog mascot-type thing named spike that would scare the **** out of me if it tried to hug me after a race


Universal sports is live/free and there is a turkish feed from lets run which is about 1 minunte ahead of Universal.


well that’s a painful way to run 1:44.5


rupp looks really focused, i bet he runs well today


slow time, but farah runs away with it…



That was an awesome race by rupp. really exciting race to watch overall. was rooting for mottram, good to see him running some good races this season.


Salazar Running Group +1


Farah has a really funny little voice.

Did not expect Rupp to outkick Merga.


Rupp just can’t catch a break. He’s clearly in sub-13 shape but he can’t get in a race to do it. Outkicking Merga was a plus, though.