Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate Live


Evolution vs. Creationism. This should be interesting. Although I kind of feel that creationists have already won in being allowed to have a stage to voice their opinions… (skip to 13 minutes in)



You are correct that the Creationists “won” this debate by even being allowed to participate. It’s like trying to convince someone who was born colorblind that an Apple is red. They are never going to see it in the same way we do.

Nye did a commendable job, but he shouldn’t go into politics anytime soon.


Was about 6 rows back on the right side at this debate and got to meet Bill. Was a lot of fun! Neither of the two are very good at debate nor have any in depth understanding of evolution or physics. Obviously Bill destroyed Ham with evidence but the lay person won’t understand it the way he presented it. Met about 100 creationists and there is definitely such thing as a christian haircut.

It’s nonsense that he should not have debated Ken Ham. More than half of the united states don’t accept evolution so this is not some small minority were talking about.


Thats my biggest pet peeve about sharing this kind of thing.

Look, creationists by and large aren’t going to change their mind because of scientific evidence supporting evolution. The whole premise of faith is that is believing (in) something that can’t be tangibly proven.

I used to fall into that trap, even recently, but the point is that by even publicizing this kind of thing you’re giving the creationist platform more credence than they deserve.

Besides that, i thought this quote from about two years ago is the best thing he could have ever said re: creationism…

“And I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine,” Nye says. “But don’t make your kids do it because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need people that can — we need engineers that can build stuff, solve problems.”


That’s fine and dandy, but not debating creationists when they and intellectual design believers make up almost 60% of our population is not an option. This is not some minority that we can sweep under the rug. People minds are changed by these types of debates in addition to this being a call to arms of the evolutionists to vote more.

EDIT: A poll from christian today has 92% saying Nye won.

EDIT 2: the numbers are worse than I thought. 85% of people in the united states hold views that are against evolution.


I guess I fall into the dark green group, “Humans evolved, with God guiding”


The violates every major principle of evolution.


How so?


Oh god that’s frightening (puns get it?)

Seriously though, I can at least feel bad for the dark green folks for not being able to fully accept science as a real answer to the questions that we have about existence. However, for those in the light green, are you really so ignorant as to not understand a basic scientific model?


The theory of evolution is complete without a god. In what way did he guide it? Did he provoke genetic mutation? If that’s the case it wasn’t done by genetic drift for example and was thus not done via the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution has very specific guidelines under which evolution takes place, it is not just a theory that from some species come another. It’s like saying you believe in the theory of gravity but it is god who pulls things toward each other. That’s NOT how gravity works, it works via energy and momentum warping space-time. God’s existence is not in either theory and thus believing he has a hand in either is to say the theory is wrong.

I respect those in light green for taking the bible literally. The dark green read the bible, recognize it is ludicrous, and then choose to pick and choose what they want to be true to make them feel better instead of abandoning it as logic suggests.


People are not as easily swayed as you think. In general, Americans are idiots who understand very little about science. Real science has been talked about less and less in the past few decades, and essentially everything which is sensationalized by the media today is so misleading it borders on completely wrong. The magical “God particle” comes to mind, the situation last year of pouring liquid nitrogen into the pool in Mexico where every media outlet immediately jumped on the “toxic reaction with the chlorine in the pool” (uh, no…), or best yet the MCMH spill in WV where tons of this “poison” was spilled into the Elk River (not a poison, just a chemical like the many others that we deal with every day, but carefully).

Trying to argue with “real science” will miss the mark more often than not. Most people who watched this will ponder it for a day and then go back to living their lives in ignorance.

EDIT: dk, you should dig up the results from polls amongst those in the under 30 age group. I recall them being much more promising.


What do you suggest if not public debates and shows like cosmos from Tyson? This debate garnered HUGE attention and would have really been something if Nye knew his science and could explain in a tangible way.


Well if protecting the “right” for children to believe in evolution wasn’t one of the cornerstones of the public education system…

Correct me if I’m wrong but teachers are required to promote creationism as a possible belief system from the start of education, right? They can’t force the children to think one way or another, even if they are incorrect…


This is true. My Biology teacher had to show a slide explaining creationism in a powerpoint about the origins of life. He wasn’t very happy about it.


Exactly, we can take off points for someone and tell them they are wrong when they mix up the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum in a cellular diagram, but tell them when they are wrong about creationism and it’s time to send in the constitutional police!


This has to be state by state… this is certainly not the case in Illinois.



I mean, NY is fairly liberal and I was required to learn it.


I’m looking forward to trolling the **** out of that lesson.


To be fair, a lot of the people who fall into the light green category are happy to pick and choose what parts of the bible to believe in for other subjects.