Big 8 BOYS- Championship 2013


In this photo of the Big 8’s in 2013 there are 3 UW recruits. At the far right is Olin Hacker, right next to him is Ryan Nameth, and at the far right a young Finn Gessner if I am not mistaken. This photo was taken at the blazing fast Rockport Park course in Janesville. This course was fast for a different reason. I believe I am mixing up Beloit with this Park. Rock Port is the park with the huge drop in elevation from the start to finish thus making it very fast despite the two good climbs with one at the end. Beloit was also flat but quite fast and the distance was?


Great photo! Look at all those guys.

Any word on where Gus might be headed? I’d imagine UW is in the conversation. But with Newcomb Construction being kind of a big deal and a 4:13/9:13 to his name his options are probably virtually limitless.


The 2013 Big 8 championship was at Rockport Park in Janesville. Yes indeed that is Finn and Gus in that picture as Freshman.


Thanks for the correction. At first I thought this was 2014 but Finn was already elite that year and his freshman year he ran a mere 16:40 or so placing him second team all Big 8. Wow he has come a long way. That’s about what Solinsky was as a frosh. We have had only two freshman in the history of our school to break 17 so those kind of guys don’t come our way to often unfortunately.