Best running snags?


Got mine for $8
OG Harambees for $11


Volt Pegasus 29s $31


picked up 2 pairs of those myself at the nike outlet store…
also just picked up these TJ spikes sz 12 at tjmaxx for $10


BNIB Vic Elite’s = $49… I often hate eBay, but not today! :smiley:


Free Eldoret II’s, White/Gold, unused.

It was a going-away gift from my chiro who is a very good runner still, but doesn’t have need for track spikes anymore.


Wish I could claim this one…


New Balance 2012 pro kit (shorts + singlet), 30$ from a retailer’s tent at a track meet this season.


December 2012 after the 2012 london olympics, I snagged a pair of team issue USA full tights for $30 off eBay from some lady who got it at an auction. had no idea what she was selling. they were the red and white full tights. aerodynamic dimples on the tights and everything


My cousin went to a yard sale in Eugene, Oregon around 2010, and a relatively “famous” American runner had just switched sponsorships from Nike to another company. Pro shorts, tanks, and half tights all still in packages for $5. Bought bags, hats, new socks. Pretty phenomenal. Had spikes and trainers there as well, but was a full size too small! GT


For Spring/May 2018:
Reviving this thread for an online deal you guys can’t miss.

This Memorial Day weekend, xc spikes are only $14.99 (Nike, NB, Saucony, etc)
Don’t remember how much shipping or tax was for FTTF

And other current deals

At select Ross/Marshalls/Burlington stores, white Matumbo 3s, orange Vic 3s, blue/black spikes from last year, oreo Vic 2s, rio spikes from last year, etc. (16.99, 17.99, 27.99, 39.99, 49.99 typically)

At select Nike Outlets, black Matumbo 3s, black Vic Elite 2s, Streak LT4s, Flyknit Streaks, Zoom Flys (39.99-59.99 typically)

$1.99 spikes on FTTF today.
@RunningC you may be interested.
Also use CYBER35 for 35% off.


Edit: Resolved.