Best running snags?


Probably didn’t need to start a whole new thread… but I don’t really care. They aren’t actually a great x-country spike. Personally, I prefer normal vics. They don’t last super long, but just so comfortable.


Brand new in packet Nike 2008 powerback singlet for £10 ($16) at the National 6 stage finals. Thank you


McNangs (used for about 1 mile)- free
New Balance LD1006 BNIB- $5


Ok so with Christmas coming up I have some questions for you guy. Looking for awesome track and field products gear singlets spikes shoes whatever I could get someone. I want to spend less than $300.

If you guys have any ideas let me know


Vibram 5 Finger Shoes = $60
Nike Shox - $60-100
Apple + sensor = $20
Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor ANT+ - Soft Strap = $60
Box of Gu = $30
Fuel Belt = $50
Gold’s Gym 3 month membership= $60-100
Livestrong bracelets - > $1 -> Soon to be collectors item
Classic movies with running scenes - Forest Gump, Lion King, Rudy, Rocky, etc - $10?
Tracktalk Gold membership - $15/month (pretty cool)
Head lamp = $30-50
Josiah Jenkins’ authentic Kenyan apparel - $150+

Easily brother, this would be a pretty sweet haul if you got any of this.


That along with his authentic team Great Britain apparel will be the hot commodities this holiday season so get them while you can before prices reach even more ridiculous highs.
With that $300 you could have bought a pair of Olympic Volt Mamba 2s on ebay although they will probably be released to the public next year at some point.


got a basically brand new computer tower with a 1 TB hardrive, upgraded sound card and graphics card, with pretty much the full works you name it all for $140. also bought 3 pairs of xc streaks for 35 bucks a piece so that was pretty cool too.


$4.89 Matumbos (black/volt)

$2.99 split shorts

$60 flyknit trainers (not exactly cheap, but considering they were $150 originally i’ll take it)




Id guess the tumbos were from Ross. I got a pair for $16.99. Orange Mambas too.


30 bucks for a 2008 Canada singlet, 2008 Canada half tights, and 2008 Canada split shorts.


Nike Outlet store, the matumbos and split shorts had been there for 6+ months. Lucky me I have baby feet.


$2.49 + tax for Victory XC, the best deal I have gotten from Ross so far.


$25 for NWB Vent II’s. Not bad considering they’re getting harder to come by.


$37 shipped for mambas, size 10


40$ for bnib mamba 2s, some crazy mid spring close out sale


I see a lot of you guys got great deals from Ross, do they usually have a good selection of spikes?


just got purple flyknit trainers for 112


Just picked up a pair of barely used Colorado Kenns for $26. Quite satisfied.


BNIB Spotted Vents
BNWOB Yellow/red/blue Kennedys