Best running snags?


I would ■■■■■. I was about ready to.


What the **** I ordered the same shoes from 6pm and they couldn’t process the order in time either. Little bitches.

I express myself best through my artwork:


Got a pair of red adidas Avanti’s for $40 from an outlet store.


Same they must have been doing that in a lot of adidas outlets.


I will third this, although i didn’t get them, i saw them at an outlet store for $40 total


2x lunaracer 1 version 2 $35 each
gator mambas $55
2011 red nike womens pro kit singlet $50
yellow katana racer 2s $40, sold them for $110
orange mambas $45
USA Marathoners $30
USA vent 2s $30
white red cadences $15 traded for white red vent 2s


USA Matumbos - $20
Gator Mambas used once - $21
In the process of buying on ebay Milers - $20
Lunarspider R TZ - 45 pounds


Double Post Sorry -
If anybody wants $35 Vent 2’s, they’re on Ebay
They’re spelled wrong in title so that’s why they haven’t been bought up!!! Not my sale.

Sizes 6-9.5


Saucony Endorphin LD2 white with pack of 20 replacement spikes for $20.


Those four PLUS
5 pair Vent 2 BNIB $20 each
USA Vic used once $29


Figured I’d contribute to the general good after posting my personal snags. $50 Black/Green Tumbs All sizes Except 8 Free Shipping $50 USA Vics no sizes 8-11 $50 Neon Vics nothing 7.5-11.5 $42 Hyperspeed 4’s after using discount code PlanoD $42 streak xc 3 after PlanoD


Chile Matumbos - $FREE

It was funny, I work at a running store, and the Saucony rep came in and we were just talking and he all of the sudden mentioned spikes and asked what size I was and he walked out to his car and grabbed them and just handed them to me. Needless to say, he was a great guy and it made my day.


Nike Ja Fly $13
Nike Superfly R3 $13


likwise likewise!!!nobody ever gets excited when i give them free saucony stuff but youre welcome all the same bro!


I’d be excited for free anything! Are you offering? :o

I traded a pair of trashed Waffle XC’s for some lightly-used Oregon Forever XC’s. Certainly not a bad deal for me!


I won a pair of Saucony Shay XC 3 from Saucony
and $20 for Victory XCs at Ross



A couple of months ago I bought the current Nike pro kit jacket the volt one that Mo and Galen were wearing in the photo of them warming up/down at Oxy but without the OPJT logo. For $105 AUD plus $10 AUD postage. Last week got brand new, never been worn red/volt Victory’s for $99 AUD plus $10 AUD postage. Fairly happy with those two purchase.


New Balance mr800 for $12 and free 2 day shipping. S/O to Running Warehouse sales.


These images below are are clickable:

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$79.99 + Free shipping using promo code IPEB2947

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I am certainly out of the loop when it comes to spikes but I saw these while looking through the Eastbay site. Victories are pretty sweet, right? These must be old.