Best running snags?


haha. i found the same deal and ended up buying a ton of tights for myself and my teammates to take advantage of the $50 free shipping.




I found red milers in my size (12.5) on the side of the road, and they weren’t beat up at all, they were pretty much new.


Got a pair of 2011 Boston Marathon running tights brand new with tags from a local Ross store for $20. Needless to say, I’m a happy camper.


$90 for lunarspider r2s plus you can get 15% off with a code, something like fb15, because it’s a sale shoe


has anybodies puma tights been shipped or are they still processing.


I’m not sure. Ordered on the 4th got an e-mail on the 9th “confirming the order” but it was pretty inconclusive.


is a legit sight?


aces10x0: Yes.
CrossHare & glacier freeze: My tights have not been shipped either. I do not know how to check the status of my order since it says I need an account to check my status, but I ordered as a guest.


Ditto on no tights, got the other stuff I ordered though


Vics at Ross $18.99, with discount $14.38.


Got my Puma Bolt tights today.


30 dollar Marathoners
30 dollar OG Streaks
23.50 for Eldorets.


I haven’t gotten my shoes either. I think if they aren’t here by the end of next week I’ll send an email asking about it…

How do the tights look/feel in terms of quality?


$21 Gator Mambas used once on Ebay last night


Goddam I don’t live on my email when school is out, they sent me this on Dec 15th anyways, less than 48 hours to use that ****ty code. Got the email “confirming” my cancelled order on the tights, “item cancelled”. Did this happen to anyone else?


Yeah my shoes and tights were both canceled. I was pretty pissed that their coupon only lasted 48 hours. I ended up ordering the same shoes from for a little bit cheaper, and I guess I won’t be getting any tights.


The tights are alright. Where I live it’s cold and windy so they don’t do much but they will be good for spring and fall. I do like the feel and material of them, they are nice.


Thanks for rubbing in the fact that you actually received them, asshole.


Have you spoken to customer service? I’m planning on calling and bitching