Best running snags?


I have one near me. In the few times I’ve been there Ive never seen such things.


vic xc and streak xc 2 for $94


Matumbo and mamba for $55


Got two pairs of the new lunaracer 1s today for $75 total.


USA color vics $25
Og Mambas $35

Im set for a while


A pair of celar 2’s for free. Coke rewards ho.


Of course the black guy in a suit sells coke. I’d have expected crack though.


nearly new vic’s for 38, milers for 30 + ship, streak xc 2’s for 40. and I found a pair of sperry’s in the lost and found in my size. so naturally they were the ones I lost.


Brand new Nike Structure Triax 13, for $12


a tad old, but still a great snag.

Pair of the first Nike Zoom Streak flats for $30 at a nike outlet, last pair in my size :smiley:


Chile Red Tumbos- $15 bnib


Ugh if you aren’t a size 7 or size 15 I’m gonna **** myself.


14 :wink:


lunar spider r2 for sitting outside a running store for a few hours


nike dry fit woven reflective non-split shorts $2

I have no idea how good the quality of these are, but I just ordered these for $4.50 and some casual shoes for $15 + $7 shipping. PUMADEC40 gives 40% off.


This website always has huge clearance sales, and a week ago they had every colorway of vics except the new ones for $42.00, I just ordered a pair for $42 with free shipping. Check back often for low prices.


Looks good, I’ll definately be keeping track of this site!

Saucony Edorphin LD 2 for $40 (w/ free shipping) is the best deal I’ve gotten I think.


alot of their shoes are for very low prices, look up their nike shoes and you’ll usually find them for 30-40$ lower than msrp. And like I said check back often! They have sales randomly, for specific brands like nike every other week.


these are just a couple of good deals.